Spring Summer 2013 Bags

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  1. vogue.com
    balenciaga-rtw-ss2013-details-11_084604615323.jpg balenciaga-rtw-ss2013-details-12_084605723550.jpg balenciaga-rtw-ss2013-details-15_084607499868.jpg balenciaga-rtw-ss2013-details-18_084610164972.jpg balenciaga-rtw-ss2013-details-19_084610351704.jpg balenciaga-rtw-ss2013-details-20_084611522509.jpg balenciaga-rtw-ss2013-details-22_084613644308.jpg balenciaga-rtw-ss2013-details-33_084621427568.jpg
  2. Now, even I .. who do have quite a few of the more "odd" styles of Balenciaga, don't really dig these ...
  3. Me either. A Hat box comes to mind.
  4. Hmm love the brown one.. but not enough to spend 1000s $ on it..:sad:
  5. Looks like ice chest or small lunch bags... not so much purse. Maybe my taste aren't quite that sophisticated yet.
  6. I'm really not lovin' these at all.
  7. they remind me of toiletry bags.
  8. These are not very practical. Look difficult to carry.

  9. That was my first thought too! This is a style I won't be getting.
  10. Interesting! I like this but it does look like a lunchbox. Props for doing something completely different though
  11. Looks like those rice container lunch boxes that Chinese ppl like to bring for work to keep their meal warm.
  12. yea! it looks like a vanity case
  13. yes, i think they belong in the suitcases.. but love the ring (slim one) though
  14. Not my cup of tea :greengrin:
  15. Ditto