Spring/summer 2012 sale info!

  1. Thanks cali! I will muster up all the strength I have :biguns:
  2. Does anyone know if Barney's will do price adjustment? I just bought the echasse from their Madison, NY store a couple of weeks ago in the Pomice color, full price. I see that the black patent ones are now on sale... when the CLs at Barney's eventually go on sale in mid June, will I be able to get them to do a PA? Has anyone done something like this before? What is your experience?
  3. I was told that a pa can only be done if the item goes on sale within a week of purchase, but u should call them to be on the safe side. Also, the item has to be in the same color way as the one on sale, so if the pomice echasse doesn't make the sale (which it may or may not), they wont do a pa just because the black ones did. I hope that I am explaining this correctly. Ladies please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    If u know for sure that they will make the sale then u can return them unworn within the allotted return period and wait for the sale to re-purchase, but that is a gamble because it then gives someone else a chance to purchase them before you have the chance.

  4. wow nice! you got out quick and dirty
  5. :roflmfao: LOLZ!

    That's how I roll.
  6. has Jeffrey's shipped out your CLs? I haven't heard anything yet.
  7. Oh my gosh...am I ever behind on everything CL. I haven't been shopping since I started this job and don't have time right now. I resolve to live vicariously through all your new additions.
  8. Hi ladies jefferys? That is a department store or? Sorry have never heard of them . :sad: does anyone know if they have the pink one the on the 3 rd pic with size 5 ? TIA
  9. Does anyone know if the Jeffrey in New York is having the same sale? I really want those navy Biancas :thinking:
  10. I just emailed the manager and he said that they were sent yesterday and he will send me a tracking # when he gets in the office.
  11. :ghi5: I got my tracking # too it shipped via UPS, so excited to get them! (love your YT channel btw, you are just beautiful!)
  12. Nani,
    I am new here, can you please tell me how/where you found the turqouise pigalle? I really want them! I was going to pay 750 on eBay for them, just got outbid and decided against it. Thanks so much:smile:
  13. Thanks for the info SongbirdDiva! I bought this pair around mid May. Barney's return policy is within a month, so it's cutting really close to their return window if I'm thinking of returning/re-purchasing to take advantage of their mid June sale (if they even have this style and colorway on sale!)... unless I make the return now, then hope & pray that they will still have the pair in my size during the sale period... but no way am I going to do this cos' I already had a very hard time searching for the pomice color in a size 37 (Neimans, Nordstroms, and Bergdorfs are all sold out... Barney's have one pair in my size at the Madison store, and I snatched it up quickly!!) so I'm not going to let this go...

    Will take this to my cobbler this weekend for the red protective sole backing so I can start wearing them!! It will look really nice with capri colored pants!! :smile:
  14. Has there been lists already? I'm waiting to see if the Un bout makes it... or the Picks & co...
  15. Not that I've seen in this thread, other than the Jeffrey's list....

    Keeping fingers crossed that the python Summerissima are on the list! :panic: