Spring/summer 2012 sale info!

  1. Pics are on page 3 of this thread!
  2. Perfect thank you so much! That's what they said when I ordered too. They're wonderful :smile:
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    Oh wow! I was thinking that was Saks Atlanta for some reason, hehe. And the Saks CL list isn't even out. :blush:

  4. Does anyone have an email address for a Saks SA who is willing to work with international clients? TIA!
  5. ^^ I'm also looking for a Saks and Nordstrom SA please if anyone can help TIA :smile:

  6. I would love to know as well I am new to the forum & from AUS Sydney & would love some help for a newbie:blush:
  7. When is Barney's marking down loubies?
  8. Anyone know about sales at the CL Boutiques in the mid-late June time frame? :graucho:
  9. Kirstie at Saks NYC is the best SA - she works in all departments but mostly shoes. You can text her at (212) 518-3596 or email kirstielebron@gmail.com / kirstie_lebron@s5a.com

    She does work with international customers too!
  10. Does that mean the biancas are being discontinued?? I wanted a pair or two more .....
  11. Thank you jessb for the info:flowers:
  12. thank you for posting! just to be sure, the pictures with the prices on the bottom of the shoes are on sale? if it really is, i'm beyond excited!
  13. yes, well at least I think so. I've already ordered 2 out of the pics and the discount was applied :yes:
  14. Yay! Thank you :smile:
  15. PM me if you are interested. Have mail with the pictures from Jeffery's Atlanta.