Spring/summer 2012 sale info!


    I did not notice a thread for the Spring/Summer 2012 sale so I decided to start one. Pre-sale for Nordies begins this Friday and Neimans is Wednesday. Pre-sale on Wednesday does not include CLs per my SA for NM. For Nordies, I am not sure but I am doubtful since CLs usually go on sale in June for Spring/Summer.
  2. Yay!!!!
  3. they won't go on sale till the middle of june.
  4. Can someone recommend a Barneys SA?? There's only one pair I want.
  5. Yes, I also need a Barney's SA info.. Thank you, ladies!
  6. My Saks SA emailed me a said that the Saks Pre-Sale starts this Wednesday for Saks Charge holders and Saturday for people without a Saks charge (me). She said that Louboutin and Chanel pre-Sale won't start until 3 weeks later because those 2 brands make their own rules :pout:.
  7. Thanks for the Info! 3 weeks is not too far away.
  8. :subscribed:

  9. it's actually not and the thread is typically started weeks before the sale begins
  10. thanks for the info....can't wait.
  11. anyone here can recommand SAKS n NM's SA for me pls, thx a million
  12. Sent you a PM.
  13. Very true.
  14. :rockettes: my fave thread!
  15. I'm getting real anxious because I've received emails about other designers going on sale then I scroll down and I see the disclaimer "CL sale items will be emailed in a week or so"