Spring/Summer 2010 Thread: Post Pics and Discuss Here!

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  1. Here is the new official S/S 2010 thread...knock yourselves out! :yahoo:
  2. One of the new Spring bags is called the Rahmyn. Here is a pic my SA sent me. The color is Nude. I also saw this in Turquoise in the NM "The Book." What do you think?

  3. This is the Quito "caged" sandal. Credit Nordstrom website.

    Shown in Blue/Green Python $1295



    Black snake embossed leather $995

    quitobgsnake.jpg quitobgsnake1.jpg quitoblkembsnake.jpg
  4. Meh. I don't know, the last two seasons I feel like I'm not seeing anything really innovative or creative.
  5. I AM ABSOLUTELY CRAZY about the Quito caged sandal in the Blue/Green python. I think the boutique where I shop is getting a pair in for me to try on. Can't wait!
  6. I actually love this bag in person, saw it at my local Nordstrom's in this color. I'm very tempted to buy it, BUT I'm wondering how the bag will hold up?? very thin perforated leather. Also worried about this color getting really dirty! Let me know your thoughts Jburgh...thanks
  7. ^^interesting. I love it in the turquoise color. Is it huge?
  8. No it's not large at all, perfect slouchy hobo size. I am petite and it did not look too big at all. Check it out :biggrin:
  9. I saw a new SS10 bag at the Choo boutique two days ago. It was the same style as the Diego, only instead of a snake clasping its tail, there was a length of leather wrapped around. Here is where it gets interesting. The body of the bag is a brown/natural/black python print made of sequins. It had jmcadon written all over it!!!

    Does anyone know of this bag? I cannot find a picture anywhere.
  10. ^^^I have been bad enough lately...
  11. A few more pics. Ahhhh if money were no issue and taxes were not due...I refuse to pay almost $1000 for sandals, even if they are made out of rooster??
    101unitysnp_large_1_natural[1].jpg 101skylsew_large_fr[1].jpg 101futuresrp_large_1_black[1].jpg
  12. the rahmyn looked great in the NM catalog. the turquoise is striking. not so much a fan in the nude, it's a little plain for me.