Spring Summer 2010 Act. 2.. will be out March 15

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  1. Just came from Chanel today, trying to locate some Camelia Sandals for a fellow tpf'er.

    And was informed that Spring Summer 2010 Act 2 Accessories & Shoes will be out by March 15... saw the lookbook. Chevron fans.. the G/H is arriving!

    Attached a pic of the re-issue of the Camelia Sandals.. called Aloha..
    colours come in Black, Beige & Pink.

    Attached Files:

  2. OMG.... :drool:

    Tks for the info... the pink one is tdf :love:

    i definitely need that
  3. Cute! Thanks for sharing!
  4. oooooooooooooooooooo chevron gh--what colors??!!?? thanks for sharing!
  5. Great intel! :tup:
  6. Love the pink !!!
  7. Thanks for the info- can't wait to see more eye candy!!
  8. Cant wait to see more bags pics
  9. March 15 in France?
  10. I was given "mid March" as when I should expect stuff I am on list for at US boutique to come in as well... so I guess it was Act 2 stuff ;)

  11. Thanks for posting mvc_sassy :smile: Do you know how much the Aloha sandals are in GBP?

    I also overheard an SA at Selfridges saying the Act 2 jewelry (or maybe more) would be in early March, around the 4th or 5th (don't quote me on it though :P).
  12. I see. Thanks.
  13. Its Euro 190 so from around 170-160 GBP.

    Since it was Sunday today,(and my main purpose was actually for the Camelia Sandals & the clogs i ordered) but then i was told in 3 weeks time March 15 or 16 (As their stocks usually arrive Monday or Tuesday) that Act. 2 (including the clogs i want) will be released all over EU.

    They showed me the look book of things they will receive and if things that i would like to order.
  14. Did you happen to see which color Chevron will be avail with GHW? I just got a SHW but would love a M/L or WOC with GHW, Thanks :biggrin:
  15. Thank you for sharing :smile:!