Seasonal Spring/Summer 2009! Pics and discussion here. UPDATE at post #211!

  1. Copper posts copied from resort thread...
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    Here is the official Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2009 Thread. Please post pictures of bags/shoes/etc. from this collection. Comments go here too! And deals, sales, or shopping stuff should go in our BV Shopping subforum. Woo Hoo!...jburgh



    these are truly magnificent..... no idea on pricing, but please enjoy anyways.

    jburgh - would you teach me how to change the subject heading so people know there are new pix?
    copper cabat.jpg copper int stuzzo bag.jpg copper nappa bag.jpg copper struzzo settantasei bag.jpg
  3. if copper is almost your thing, but not quite.... there is also oxidized copper!

    i lik the color theme - copper, burnt orange, tea (which by the way i saw IRL and is stunning like noce with a little zippidy doo dah! i can only imagine what copper is going to be....)
    oxydized copper int cervo bag.jpg oxydized copper int cervo tote.jpg
  4. OMG! It is gorgeous. Now wait a minute, is copper from the S/S or the Resort collection?
    Thanks for the pix Bryan and Doloresmia!
  5. oops sorry, should have started a new thread. spring summer 2009
  6. It doesn't matter! It is sooo beautiful. Is copper available in stores already or do we have to wait until February? Thank you again!!:smile:
  7. bryan does not have any details. i assume february is when they will start trickling in???? he promises to let me know when he knows more.... we just have to be patient. :crybaby:
  8. LOVE these! My collection is missing a gold/copper metallic bag, my only metallic is a metallic pearl botkier trigger from like 05 (when they were still made in the US!).

    I really hope they use this color in some of the permanent bags.
  9. OMG, now I am waiting for two things... and the gift season is here... I think that I will take a rain-check, and Santa will visit in Feb., or March.
  10. I hope there are some small accessories in copper! It's gorgeous.
  11. ^^Me too. The colors are just stunning. I think they're a must have for sure.
  12. Wow! I would love to see those IRL !
  13. I'm in :heart: with this one...

    copper int stuzzo bag-1.jpg
  14. ^^^ Anybody knows what the dimension of the above bag??
  15. ^^^ hermes junkie, i don't know the dimensions, but here is a picture from the catalog for your reference. i assume the model is the usual very tall, very leggy, with major heels on.

    for reference this is the copper intrecciato ostrich bag

    sorry photo quality is not fantastic.

    BTW ladies, i just got a catalog in the mail and after i wipe off the major drool, I will try to scan and post more eye candy for us all!!!!! seriously this copper color is TDF! frankly i think BookerMoose might have spiked Tomas Maier's drinks because there are a number of bags that look like gorgeous adaptations of the montaigne.
    photo test.JPG