Spring Summer 2008 The Summary COMMENTS THREAD!

  1. Hello & Welcome to the Summary Thread for Spring Summer 2008

    This is the COMMENTS thread, please add any conversations, questions, information to this thread I will gather and organise the pic summary thread with the updates which is HERE

    Boring stuff over

    Once again I'd like to THANK everyone who helps make these things possible with your information, and of course spy pics!

    Remeber please do not add any comments to the PICS thank you

    Currently we have no names, prices or release date info
  2. Claire, thanks again for starting this for us LV fanatics. Can't wait for more pics! I want to get excited about a bag for spring/summer, but so far nothing really has screamed at me. LOL
  3. i dont like any of it! so dissapointed!
  4. For me the bags have potential I like the colours just not sure about all the colours together BUT I do like the shoes especially the really sparkley ones!
  5. i didnt even look at the shoes
    *off to check now*
  6. a very big thank you to claire for setting this up and enabling us to be ahead of the game ;)

    the only bag i really liked was the tri color one that looks like its made similarly to the motard bags.

    though i'm having a hard time imagining what the non-runway LEs (like the mirage speedy or dentelle speedy) would look like.

    oh also! i was wondering if this thread and the photos thread could be stickied (at least the photos thread so we don't lose it)? it'll be easier to keep track. just a little suggestion :smile:
  7. LOL way ahead of you I've already Pm'd a MOD.

    your right it does look a lot like the motard! maybe there'll be some really bright speedies
  8. no comments for the time being.
  9. Thanks Claire, I love your seasonal reports. I must say this season looks interesting. I can't say that I can see myself carrying any of these bags....but they are different. I agree, it will be interesting to see what they do with this for the speedy and lockits.
  10. Caley this one looks a little speedy shaped (walking away)

  11. lol claire you read my mind!

    oooh yes it does look like a speedy/retro. i didn't care much for the painted on bags in the show. but the SHOES are lovely :smile:
  12. Thanks Claire, was really looking forward to this. The Spring colours are so uplifting as we head into the dark days but not obsessing about any bag just yet. No doubt that will change :smile:
  13. thank you for starting this thread! i am so excited for this collection. it is refreshing. the color pallet is new. i have no complaints. of course not all of the pieces are in my tastes- but i'm sure this season will grow on people. its probably just a shocker at first.
  14. The new season seem to be more colourful than ever!! I wouldn't mind seeing each bag enlarged though! :yes: It is so different compared to the usual styles! I love multi-colours!!
  15. Nothing for me so far. I'm sure that will change if they come out with a cute LE speedy.