Spring/Summer 2008 show next weekend: What are you hoping for?

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  1. Well, it's that time of the year again: Paris Fashion Week :graucho:

    What are the lovely ladies and Gentlemen of tPF hoping to see on the catwalk?
  2. everything:drool:
  3. I love the blue from the mens show I hope that carries over oh & hope it looks nothing like the marc jacobs show those bags suck (sorry anyone who likes them)
  4. last year was the 'hole-in-the-heels' runaway shoes. i cant wait to know whats next!! show collection shoes by Vuitton is getting bolder and better...i heart them soo much!

    and of course....expecting edgier funkier design from the house better than their patchworks, polka dots, dentelles etc. i always think S/S is more exciting than F/W. afterall, that season suits us in the 3rd world far better =p
  5. Well, I'll tell you what I hope to see: bags with quilts and stitched-in Monograms, like the Vienna and Olypme lines.

    I hope that Marc Jacobs keeps the futuristic theme of the Men's show and presents us with clean&simple lines, exotic trimmings and futuristic materials.
  6. I would love to see the new vernis and the new epi colors!
  7. What you don't like those blue bags but I thought you had taste:rolleyes:lol

    well I know the womens show is gonna rock I hope they have some kind of unisex messenger bag:graucho:
  8. I am hoping for some Murakami!
  9. I just had a look at his show on style.com and have to agree with you :sweatdrop: most of the designs were either too busy or too minimalistic for my taste :shrugs:

    Personally I'm hoping for some great popping colors and lots of yummy leather .... love the quilts and stitched logos, Wentwort :drool: .... I'd like to see that on huge, slouchy bags like the Mahina, Cabby or some Olympes but in fuchsia, aqua, etc :shame:
  10. Color!!!!!!! Less structure!!!!

    No buttons, no lace, no flowers!
  11. Ohhhh Mara you took the words right out of my mouth....quilted leather in some eye-popping colors! Slouchy...unstructured!!!!

    Please....lure me back in Louis Vuitton!
  12. lol, is that the bal fan in you speaking :graucho: (btw, I have to admit I'm currently waiting for my 1st bbag to arrive :sweatdrop::angel:)
  13. Smaller soft shoulderbags in black - like a Mahina small or a motard-style shoulderbag for everyday use... And if the suhali speedies made it into production, it would be a nice surprise!
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