Spring/Summer 2008 pics..........just a couple to tease us

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  1. I found these on a site today through a sweet pf'er and I thought I'd post them here for everyone to see. The photos are super small but they can still give you an idea of some upcoming colors.

    Bubblegum PT?


    Sahara City?


    Sky Blue?


    Another Sahara RTT or Escapade?


    Sky Blue or Electric Brief?


    So, what do you all think? sorry the pics are so small but that's the best I can do. Can someone that's seen the swatches tell us what colors these are? I'm totally loving this pink color........it's fantastic :nuts:!!!
  2. I am REALLY liking the pink color, too!!! Now I want to see the Magenta and Sage! I'm greedy!:p Thanks SO much Cracker for posting these!!!!
  3. Oh WOW! I want that pink! How soon can I get on a wait list for a BG coin purse????
  4. :nuts: OMG, I love the sky blue! I sold my nwt sky blue city bec. it was too light for me...this one is even more gorgeous....though still too light for me since I have little boys with me all the time!

    Could that be magenta instead? looks a bit darker pink than I imagined bubblegum to be....!

    THANK YOU, cracker! For posting these--our first look at 08 colors!
  5. Ohhhh, I LOVE the BG Pink!!:love: I'm so excited now!! :yahoo:Thank you soooooo much for sharing, sweet Cracker!!:tender::heart:

  6. You may be right about the BG being Magenta. I have no clue. Hopefully, someone that's seen the swatches can fill us in.

    What do you think of the new style?.........I think it's kind of cute! I wonder how big it is?
  7. Whatever the pink is, I'm totally lovin' it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :girlsigh: Can't wait to see it!!!!

    I'm just hoping that the bottm blue isn't Electric Blue....I'd be totally dissapointed if it was...I'm hoping for a vibrant royal blue!!!
  8. That bubblegum is gorgeous.... it is kind of "peachy" though. :smile:
  9. Thank you Cracker. That is exciting :yahoo:I wondered how much longer before they began to surface. Pretty blues, but there are so many blues, and I'm not a blue bag fan, so this to me this more of the same only a teeny different. BUT I love the new style in the pic of the sky blue. it is a pretty blue. The electric blue reminds me a a darker aquamarine. This one may be interesting. Do I see turquoise in it?
    Sahara is pretty, but so similar to others. These light neutrals sell well so I assume they will keep making them.
    Now the BG, whoever said in the beginning that it looked like watermelon or a deeper rose, was almost exactly right. Now I'm not seeing any peach in it, but I still like it a lot.
    I was told that magenta is very bright, like a hot pink, not as Purple as the old magenta. I guess time will tell of that is rumor or fact. It sounds like the hit color to me.
  10. If that is the pink, I'm IN! :girlsigh:
  11. First of all that bubblegum pink is purrrrfect! And what's that bag in sky blue??? That's a totally different shape and I love it!
  12. oh man, i guess i'm the only one but i do NOT like that pink! (but i'm kind of glad, haha) Thanks for posting!

  13. me too!!!! When I first saw it, that was my first thought........please don't let this be electric blue! I'm hoping electric blue will be more intense like dark turquoise.
  14. OH MY GOD!!! i love the bubblegum pink!!
  15. Yes, I thought it looked like rose too, though deeper! So this is most likely the BG 08! It is really pretty! I cannot wait til I see the 08 magenta in comparison to the older magenta!