spring/summer 2008 luisiaviaroma

  1. They have their new collection up some very nice bags for next year:tup:
  2. Jackie- thanks so much for posting. There are some lovely bags. Yum.

    I am sure a lot of you will be interested to see the argent paddy with the lucite padlock...
  3. i :heart: the purple medium heloise and pigalle quilted bay satch. ::dies::
  4. Yeah - the purple heloise is really nice, but I think my favourite of all is the petit heloise top handle- oh, I'm in love....
  5. I love the purple medium heloise too! And the patent bay.:heart:
  6. I 2nd that + the purple medium bay.....I have died and gone to heaven......:angel::flowers::angel:
  7. In my brand new Sak's catalog (resort wear) they featured a big, glossy pic of a model holding a smooth Bay shopper (N/S purse) in purple. Now I thought it was a quilted Bay with the smooth side on displayed (the tell talel rabbit ears were prominent; I associate them with QB's). But the description distinckly stated Smooth Bay.

    For you black haired beauties I think this bag is a real stunner (picture Elizabeth Taylor coloring!)...If you don't have black hair so what. She's a beut!:graucho:
  8. Wow - I am biding my time before dinner guests come at 7:00 and I quickly went to Luisavisroma. WooWEE! Very wild stuff. I actually am considering the large Freja clutch that we saw earlier at the shows. Where would I wear it, though? The purple Heloise is giving me palpitations. Should I keep the black one or wait for this one to be cheaper later during Spring sales? But I was perterbed by the vinyl bags! I know it is politically correct to not kill animals for bags buuuttt.....animals have been giving up the ghosts for centuries to serve out needs. And it is not cheap - and neither are these vinyl ones. Okay - make them vinyl but make them really REALLY inexpensive. That helps the environment too! More money to give for good causes - n'est-ce-pas?

  9. Non-exotic leather's generally a by-product of the meat industry, though, so they're, actually, being killed for their meat; not primarily for bags.

    I won't, knowingly, carry bags that are made from animals that were killed primarily for their skins. :nogood:

    Also, with respect, I don't really see what animals being killed for centuries to serve our needs has to do with it. After all, we used to do all sorts of other things that we now think of as barbaric, for centuries, too. :yes:
  10. ^True enough Chloehandbags! I have worked for many years in the footwear industry where leather usage is just second nature so I have a slanted opinion on the issue. Leather as a by-product IS better. And so many hi-tech materials are being used today in footwear that maybe the harvesting of skins will be a thing of the past one day soon.
  11. ^ True. :yes:

    Although, I don't know, but I suppose that artificial fabric production may very well be worse for the environment than by-product leather production?

    Actually, I've heard that they may soon(ish) be able to grow lumps of meat in laboratories (i.e. without brains, or the rest of the animal), so maybe they'll be able to produce skins that way, too?

    Wouldn't that be great?! :tup:
  12. ^Euww - what a weird idea! But it would solve world hunger AND make it easy to have all the Chloes we would want!
  13. Div and CHB, I love how you have discussed your different points of view without getting bitter... Hats off to you both!

    Regarding growing meat... Maybe it be good for Chloes, but solving worl hunger would require better distribution of wealth and fair international relationships...

    Anyway, I once did an essay on how biotechnology could feed the poor, and it turned out that the stuff we were researching here in the developped countries wasn't useful in the Majority world. They don't really need larger/stronger grain or lumps of meat, they have learned how to make the best of their traditional varieties and will use absolutely everything (stalk, leaves, and so on)... which we aren't providing with the cereal we have invented for them based on our first-world idea of what they need ...

    Sorry for this whaffle, but I think it is a fascinating topic..

    Ps I had a friend who studied skin grafts in people with burnts and she said it was extremely difficult to grow human skin tissue on a plate...
  14. ^Thank goodness, Maria. that means it would be hard to grow people too. I love speculating on how the world could change with the advent of new technologies! Lots of people are scared and wary of change but I embrace it. And it does seem that developed countries think they know everything. It is very difficult to adapt to "one world" thinking - but it is exciting at the same time.