Spring/summer 2008 Look Book!

  1. I just received my lookbook and I am relieved:sweatdrop:

    There is not one "Must Have Bag" for me:nogood:

    There is a Beautiful Metallic Sneaky :sneaky: Snake Mahala, but we all know how the Sneaky :sneaky: Snake Mahala's work for me :push:

    They are showing a few pairs of sunglasses, but can not ell if they are actually advertising them :confused1:

    I do like a few of the shoes, but as it stands right now....... My bank account is Safe :yahoo:
  2. I agree. A Bit disapointed with this collection.
  3. I third that, I got my look book last week, was going to post photo's of it but nothing stood out even the shoes!
  4. Sorry wrong thread.
  5. Pics please! for us poor souls that are away from home, and a choo boutique. :biggrin:
    If it wouldn't be too much trouble....
  6. Will scan it tomorrow and post it in the morning :smile:
  7. Ta mimi! :smile:
  8. This is the only one besides the saba that caught my eye. think I will need to see it in real life though.
  9. I received my book this afternoon and saw that snake Mahala. I almost called you on the phone to tell you that the Jungle is much prettier. So there!
  10. DH said the same thing! He thought the new Metallic Mahala looked like it was once a very "Dull Snake" :lol:

    (probably just saying that to keep us from thinking too hard about the new release :whistle:)
  11. I haven't seen the book but will trust all of your opinions and be good and free for the summer!!! :tup:
  12. Well from what I have seen I haven't seen any must haves either. Thank god because there are a lot of other things I need to get like a new computer.
  13. I got mine, too. Just this a.m. I was too lazy yesterday to go down to the mailbox to check the mail. Actually, I was sitting and staring at Turquoise Maddy...couldn't take my eyes off it!
    I dunno...there are some pretty hot new shoes this time around.:girlsigh:
  14. robynbenz
    You seem to really know your JC's. If you were going to buy a Ramona would you go with the biker leather or the black patent. I know they are two different looks, but if you were to get one, which would be your favorite?
  15. jmcadon: which shoes do you like? I won't get a look at my book for a while, so I'll have to live vicariously through you girls. :smile:

    xlawson: I think biker is more versatile, while patent is a little more restricting. Patent is flashy and a little dressier, and to me is a wintery kind of style and biker leather can go from day to night and season to season easily. jmho :biggrin: