Spring/Summer 2008 Dress LENGTH

  1. What dress/skirt length are you targeting for this coming Spring/Summer season?

    1.) Mini
    2.) Just Above-the-Knee
    3.) Just Below-the-Knee
    4.) Long and Flowing

    I'm usually a mini kinda girl during the summer but I love all of the long flowing dresses I've seen so far...
  2. I actually like on the knee. Just below feels a little old and above the knee feels a bit young unless it's a mini. I like wearing mini skirts in summer too
  3. Mini or just above the knee. I'm short so the more leg, the better! :p
  4. i like mini the best since im short as well. above the knee in general is good. i would like to try and find a long one because they look so cute and flowy. ill probably end up tripping and getting the ends all tattered though.
  5. me too!!! i'm short but sometimes a long dress is really fresh and unexpected on someone petite... i just ordered this dress today that I've been eyeing for quite a while... I think it will look nice against a bronze-ish skin tone...

  6. mini or just above the knee for me. im not that tall and the full length dresses make me look even shorter
  7. mini or above the knee for me too : )
  8. mini or just above the knee. I'm 5'2" and need short skirts and skyhigh heels to make me look taller (especially when I stand next to my 6' bf). :yes:
  9. Long for regular errands, a little shorter for nights out.
  10. 2.) Just Above-the-Knee - im 5'6
  11. Mini or just above the knee, I don't think longer dresses really suit me much.
  12. Same here...I love the way long skirts and dresses look on certain other people, but think they don't suit me at all.
  13. Another petite here who feels the same way about long dresses. However, Rachel Bilson is tiny too yet she pulls off long dresses so well.
  14. Generally mini or above the knee. I'm 5'4". I have a few long pencil skirts and a couple of long dresses, but they are fitted and not flowing/loose.
  15. mini and Long and Flowing