Spring/Summer 2008 Chanel *pics*

  1. Here are some pics of S/S bags. :smile:

    Note: Sorry for the poor quality of the pics girls, I don't have a scanner and had to take these w/ my shaky ol' digicam. :shame:
    12-18-07-2 002.jpg 12-18-07 006.jpg 12-18-07 004.jpg 12-18-07-2 003.jpg 12-18-07-2 011.jpg
  2. Couple more
    12-18-07 001.jpg 12-18-07 007.jpg 12-18-07 012.jpg 12-18-07 013.jpg 12-18-07 016.jpg
  3. Last ones... :smile:
    12-18-07 017.jpg 12-18-07 018.jpg 12-18-07 020.jpg 12-18-07 022.jpg 12-18-07 025.jpg
  4. Thanks Spiralsnowman for the pics!

    Am loving the green sequined bag in the first post
  5. Thanks for sharing
  6. Spiralsnowman, thank you for posting the pics!!!

    The last patent leather bag seems cute! ;)
  7. thanks for sharing! Very colorful range...hehe
  8. Thanks for sharing. Those colors are very very bright haha
  9. Thanks for sharing! I :heart: how Chanel is incorporating the bright colors into Spring! I can't wait for dreary winter to be over!
  10. Thanks for sharing with us! Thank goodness nothing really screams my name...
  11. Spiralsnowman-Thanks for taking the time taking those pics and posting them here! The patent bags are cute. It reminds me of candies~
  12. Oh thank you for sharing.. It really brightens things a bit to know Spring is almost here.. especially because I can't wait for the new line to release.. :balloon:
  13. The first red/orange patent is *drool*
    I love the stacked heels as well (red ones)
  14. Wow, these are some bright bags!!
  15. thanks for sharing! i like the hot pink bag =)