Spring/Summer 2008 - Call from MJ SA!!

  1. Okay ladies -

    Just received a call from my favorite MJ SA in the San Francisco boutique (Tiffany) and here's some updates on the new stuff:

    Spring/Summer 2008

    Soft Calf Classics colors:

    Merlot –A bit redder than Bordeaux
    Rose – medium pink
    Navy – Medium blue , not “midnight”, not “bright”
    Putty (dark grey) – has dark glazing (unlike Resort 07 purpley grey with white glazing)
    Brown –
    Chalk – This is a bright white. Brighter than the resort Yogurt

    ****No Black in the Soft Calf lines for Spring Summer 2008

    Blakes: The soft calf comes with the “knot” on handles and NO SUEDE. :wtf::upsidedown: All lining is now that coated linen. All same color. Also, no suede in zip clutches. It's her understanding that MJ is discontinuing suede in their bags/SLGs.

    “No knot” Blakes:
    Acid tangerine
    Also available in patent colors with nickel hardware

    SA Tiffany: (415)362-6500 works Weds to Sunday.

    Side note:
    No remaining black Christys in MJ system (a friend looking for one so I checked)

    She's sending me some pics later today of the Merlot and grey which I'll post.
  2. :wtf: No more suede?? Not even in the soft calf line?? :crybaby: I really hope he reconsiders. Looks like I'll be collecting a lot more of the older bags. :sad:
  3. Yup, I'm with you on that. That's one of the reasons why I liked MJ bags. :yucky:

    The merlot and putty sound pretty though.
  4. Wow, I really need to get my hands on a Blake *bordeaux please*:girlsigh: with the suede lining.. otherwise, that Merlot sounds tempting, but I don't like how the knot looks... :huh:
  5. Abby-

    Thanks for the MJ S/S 2008. Wanted to let you know that I saw a black Christy at Nordies Stonestown.
  6. ^^^ Thanks! - I'll tell her - Interesting that MJ is all out isn't it?
  7. Okay here's some photos direct from the MJ Boutique:

    Large MP in Merlot:
    DANG!!! - Got to resize first to fit here!!!
  8. I talked to Gabby at the Mercer St MJ and she said NO suede!!! Ack!!!!!!!!I love the suede, what will we do? Also the bags are a whole lot lighter, she said the leather is not as lush, it is like it is thinner?? on the soft calf? No worries about wanting something new!! I like the suede!!!!:crybaby:
  9. Where is the pic of the merlot mp?
  10. Gabby is sending me the large merlot MP, to consider I should have it in the morning will take pics IRL before I probably have to send it back, because I did not even ask the price??Not to mention hubby will divorce me if he finds out!!!:wtf:
  11. Try again with Merlot large MP:

    Call Tiffany at the San Francisco MJ store if interested: (415)362-6500
  12. ^Very nice!!! The handle seems flatter too like the Christy. I know some people don't like the round strap of the mp's. Thanks for posting!!
  13. Is this close to the Pomegranate color? Its a beautiful red...
  14. Just kill me now!! I get that bag tomorrow and I know I will want to keep it!!and I have no idea of the price!!!
  15. Here's the new Blake in Navy:

    Tiffany has it waiting for you in San Francisco!! - Save me from getting it! - :nuts::
    Navy-Blake-SS-08-web.jpg Navy-Blake-SS08-modeling-we.jpg