Spring/Summer 2006 Collection.. retail is soooo high

  1. - This Handbag is no longer in stores, it is limited addition and has already sold out, the only people that own this handbag are a few celebs and this auction
  2. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    u know what.. the "authentic" bag is actually pretty creative... the monograms are pretty fun to look at ... just kinda hurting the eyes... i'm looking at the pictures with sunnies on
  3. Ekk.
  4. Yes, and it is 100% "AUTENTIC" :sick: Uh...right...
  5. WHat are all these fake ones with the grey canvas?!?!?!?!?!? are they for seeing something we haven't heard of??? what the heck...
  6. Ya...that's kinda ugly alright, I hope no one bids on it! YUCK!...and the guy's NOT a new ebay seller, i've seen him around before, he's just starting everything new again for all the fakes he's sold! btw, 150$/1750$ = 8.5% tax, not too bad...in Canada, it's 15%!!!!!! and in China, my cousin tells me it's about 60% tax!! Yikes
  7. Wow thats a great bag!! The pictures are too dark though, do you think I could get better pictures through email?? :lol:
  8. yikes! you should really post a warning with that. something like "pics may induce dizzyness nausia & hysterical laughing.