SPRING SUMMER 09 lookbook *Pics on Page 3 and 5*

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  1. hi ladies, i am wondering whereeeee is the spring summer look book for 2009? hiks i am officialy confuse because so many infos on ss09 but so many speculations as well..and the worst thing is the sas doesnt really help either...i think we r more knowledgable than most sa in chanels (with exception of stephanie, damian, brendan etc off course)...hiks anybody who has this ss09 lookbook can u please pass it on..please pm me =) thx u so much...ow and i would loveee to see the chanel jewelleries too....

  2. OOOHH May I add myself to this request also....please? :heart:H
  3. Brendan is going to send me his lookbook next week so I can have a look. I'll find out if it's OK to scan the pictures to share.
  4. Yay, can't wait!
  5. Hey K, did he not show you the lookbook when you were in the boutique on Monday?
  6. I love to see the lookbook too! There are so many info going around & it's hard to remember all!!! Thanks MON for helping us who can't visit the boutiques to check things up! :flowers:
  7. I would definitely love to see the Chanel Spring Summer 09 Lookbook too! Thank you so much in advance! I am so appreciative of all of the wonderful tPFers here on the Chanel sub-forum. :smile:
  8. Ladies, when you get a chance to see the lookbook check out the black glass stone necklace. It's a massive neckbreaker that retails for, and I kid you not, 27K! :wtf: It comes in black glass stone and multicolored glass stones. Key word, STONES. I had to do a double take when I saw the price. I was expecting 2 maybe 3K max because it's not like it's real or has diamonds on it. There's also a 6K surfboard and a 10K guitar. The guitar alone is 10K and the case (sold separately) is another 6K.
  9. Hi Mon!! I would love to see the lookbook of SS09 too!! There are so many nice stuff coming and I can't remember which is which anymore without a book. Thanks so much in advance if it's ok to share it here in tPF. If not, would you mind PMing to us? Thank you again for all your help (and enabling)!:heart:
  10. I'm curious to know about the Moscow collection also. When will that book be available? Did NM, Saks, Nordies, etc. buy from this collection?

  11. Hi Jenn, I just saw the Act I & Act II lookbooks at Neiman Marcus. OMG a lot of the jewelry is so expensive. I saw the necklace you are referring to. I've seen it in the magazines already but had no idea it would retail for $27k!
  12. That would be great, Mon. Thanks so much for sharing in advance.
  13. thanks for sharing!
    wonder if there is any classic caviar flap in the springy colours, like pink, sky-blue etc?
  14. thx u so much monnn in advanced...and thx u so much ladies for responding to this thread, i thought i was the only one who got all confuse in ss09 colletions =)
  15. I would love to see the look book too...

    Thanks loveaddice to start this thread

    Thanks in advance ,Mon , for sharing :smile: