Spring/summer 08

  1. I saw a few bags from spring summer o8 and they are tdf! I wasn't impressed when I saw some of these on the website but they are fab IRL!

    There is a riki /ramona /ring is 'drummed leather' which is I just love. Saw the riki and ramona is taupe and the ring is a cream.

    Turquoise monna bag in both medium and large -the colour looks amazing irl.

    They also have the extra large belted ramonas this season is a mustard suede and brown leather.

    Mahala /maddy -saw 2 colours. one was a really bling silver - not to my taste. But the second was an absoutely gorgeous burnished goldy silver. They also had the mave and marin in this colour as well as the monna.

    I also have the lookbook - that nice silvery gold colur isn't it there and I'm not sure what its called.
    In the lookbook there is saba in zebra, brown, white and black
    Alex in a deep purpley suede and Ayse in hot pink suede

    amongst other things.

    Its going to be a very expensive spring/summer!!!
  2. drpn21, thank you for the scoop on the SS 08 items! Sounds exciting!

    I'm curious about the "drummed leather" - is it anything like the Biker leather? You know how it's all distressed and what not.

    I want to see the extra large belted Ramonas! That might be a ray of hope for me. lol! I especially like the belts on the XL Ramona - which - of course is sold out. :crybaby:

    Bella - is the new hobo the one called Saba? Was it in cream or white that you saw in Vogue?
  3. ^^I want to know too....what pray tell is "drummed leather"?

    And the Ring in 'cream'? How does that compare to the Nude? It's much lighter?
  4. Abi: according to Robyn that was the name of it. :yes: All that suede will keep me from going broke, thank goodness. The colors are luscious though! :drool:

    I think the only one I'm really interested in right now is the Saba.
  5. The drummed leather is soft and has multiple 'depressions' in it. I know that sounds horrid but I can't think how wlse to describe it. If you girls have seen the chloe elvire bag, I think its similar leather to that. I really liked it when I saw it in the shop.

    yes it was the saba in vogue

    the cream ring is very light (off whitey-cream) definitely different from the nude. I will try photographing some of the lookbook tonight and put it on here.
  6. Very few SS08 bags for sale on the JC site, I guess they'll add more in due time.
  7. A load more shoes were added this morning. I'm having a little more hope.

    Then I see these two and, I'm sorry if I upset/offend anyone,) but these first two are some of the ugliest shoes I've seen in a while.
    The brown suede ballet boot...:shrugs:


    Then there's the Pocahontas boot. I thought the Pocahontas style was over?

    I like these two bags, though probably not enough to actually buy them.

    Bakelite clutch, because I love bakelite clutches! :biggrin:

    Ponyhair Bari because I really like the symmetry of the patern. Though, it kind of reminds me of a Zebras backside.

    These two flat sandals, just because...especially these first ones. Petrol patent! yummm...

  8. drpn21, thank you for the heads up!

    A question for you: the "gorgeous burnished goldy silver" color that you saw is that pictured in the link below?

    If not, does any of you JC girls know if there will be other styles in this color, like for example the mahala?!

  10. The drummed leather sounds really interesting! And the cream Ring sounds VERY pretty, but alas, I just can't carry a bag that light. I would be way too stressed out every time I left the house with it that I was going to get it dirty. I need a bag I can toss around a bit. Which is why that darn nude color actually does work for me! :rolleyes:

    Can't wait to see your lookbook photos!! :tup:
  11. Abi, Not yet....I'm wondering if they're passing it out to their favorite celebs or something. :lol:
    I haven't been to a boutique in months though. The local stores that carry Choo won't have SS stock for quite a while yet, and it's always limited.
  12. Oy....the ballet boot...there are no words....:tdown:
  13. Wow Turquoise!!!! I can't wait to see this!!! Thanks for the info.
  14. So I saw the Chloe Elvire.. this is the drummed leather it appears:

    Very Biker leather only it seems the "grains" are bigger. :rolleyes: So to all Biker leather lovers: what do you think about this finish?
  15. Some of the SS08 bags photographed from the lookbook
    a.jpg b.jpg c.jpg d.jpg e.jpg