spring/summer 08 trends

  1. what trends/pieces do you think are going to be big this spring/summer?

    i say gladiator sandals and hippie attire (complete with the flowy hair w/ headband, long gauzy dresses, and bare makeup). i also think florals are going to make a comeback :yes:
  2. :love:PINK!!! and lace to a lesser degree. Also the blouse is back. 2 piece dressing is definitely back as well.
  3. i def agree.. "hippie" attire is making a huge comeback. I love the flowy dress and bare make up look!
  4. It's now being labelled sohoboho! And I just say, I'm tempted...I can see my take on the modern hippie; long flowey white, detailings of lace, and maybe a statement bag/bracelet/lipstick colour. Yes, defo will be channeling this look.

    Also, white white white.
    Use denim
    Pussybow blouses
    Maxi dresses (much to my dismay)
    Leather cropped jackets
    Statement jewellery
  5. Are peasant skirts back?
  6. pink, yellow
    floral prints
    "hippie" but more in terms of global traveler

    other than that, absolutely no idea ... so out of the loop!
  7. I hope so...I still have a few...LOL!

    I'm liking what I'm hearing!!!! Lots of flowy comfy stuff? Nice!!!!
  8. Well, if you go by The View lol.. i was watching it the other day.. And they said... Florals, soft colors, girlie, things to show off curves, belts will be big again to help show off those curves. Mens wear is out, leggings with short dresses is out.