Spring/Summer 08 on Jimmychoo.com!!!!!

  1. I dont think its all of the Spring/Summer 08 pieces... but there are some to keeep us wanting more!!!

    Enjoy ladies!
  2. Omg....I think I'm going to cry from the sheer beauty of this bag. :crybaby:

    Look Jburgh! Our suede dream came true and in quite a lovely color! :yahoo:

  3. Didn't see any handbags I have to have...but look at these!!!!!
  4. :drool:Those sandals, swooooooon:drool:. I love summer flats with some bling element to them:girlsigh:. Thanks mimi23 for posting.
  5. Please have a Mahala with some color this season.
  6. Oh mama MIA!

  7. :nuts: waiting for more
  8. Just got home and this thread popped off the screen like a fire engine racing down the highway. So, now that I've caught my breath and looked a little more. There's an awful lot of suede in there...our summers are not good for suede. :push: Still, I love turquoise..and I love that flappy Mia one.
    That Ring though....OOO LA LA!! :yes:
  9. Definitely interesting... I love the color of the Mia, but metal at the top is mighty uncomfortable on the shoulder. And what's with the zipper down the middle? The Rania and Ring in that red suede is right up my alley. If it comes in turq, it must live here. How about the petrol bag...has an oil slick on the flap...like to see that IRL. The teal python bag is pretty.
  10. So what's this shade.. the regular red or something else?:rolleyes:
  11. mimi23 -- thanks for posting!!!
  12. love these pics!
    thank you for posting :smile:
  13. Love those sandals Jmcadon:drool: but there is not one thing posted on the web site that caught my eye in the bag section :sad:

    But that's a good thing :okay: at least for DH :graucho:
  14. I think I'm going to have to see the suede Ring IRL. I'm surprised that the suede is coming out as a Spring/Summer bag, I would never carry suede in the Summer so I would have to put it away until next Fall.

    Also, if it's red....great, but if there's any orange in it I would have to pass. :nogood:

  15. me too. and i agree....:yes:

    for me.....i like some of the styles and some of the colors but not BOTH on one bag, kwim?:shrugs: i'll wait and see ....i still have many of the classics to get, so its ok by me if nothing strikes my fancy for spring.;)