spring summer 08 has begun!!

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  1. i went by the balenciaga store on george v in paris today and they just received their shipment of spring summer 08 BAGS!! unfortunately, they're all still in boxes and in the process of unpacking and the SA refused to let me see any of the bags. he was really rude about it too. :tdown: (but that's another story for another time..)

    anyway he said they are in the process of unpacking it and will be ready for public viewing earliest friday. maybe one of our parisian girls will have better luck there?? i'm still trying to decide to if i'm going to go back on friday to see the bags or wait until i get back to the states...
  2. Oh WOW....does that mean the US shipments are not far behind?
  3. How nasty that that SA was so rude to you :cursing:! Hopefully someone will be able to sneak a peek and report back, I'm dying to hear all about them :yes:.
  4. Oh, I love spring:love:
    So probably in Milan it's happening the same thing?? Who knows.... maybe they could need a help in unpacking? :graucho:
    I'll try to be strong, at least for a couple of weeks.
    Thank you pluiee!
  5. twiggers>> i hope so!! apparently some one was already offered a vert thyme pt?!!? fingers crossed!
    dd>> thanks :smile: yah i'm so sick of poor SA service at bal almost everywhere. :sad: on the other hand, i highly recommend eric at printemps, super nice, they ship internationally AND give an additional 10% for foreigners!
    babi>> hee hee, i wish i could have offered a hand!! he was very adamant about not showing me anything!! not even swatches.. i was like in new york, they'll show swatches! he was like i don't care how you do it in america, in paris, it is different!
  6. Wow..I didn't know they would come in this early!! Is this the norm for the S/S pre-collection?
  7. Awwwwwww.... so close and yet so far :sad:
    I wish they let you see or even better, buy!
  8. oh wow.. i wasn't expecting the shipments to come this fast!! it doesn't give me enough time to save!!
  9. [he was like i don't care how you do it in america, in paris, it is different![/quote]

    Wow -- what a jerk! On the other hand, I'm SO excited the new colors have come in. Isn't this almost a month earlier than expected??!!
  10. That's so early!

    Do you think the stores in Singapore will have it in anytime soon? Oh man, my mum will "kill" me if I get another Bbag now :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  11. Can't wait to see the new colors!
  12. thanks for the info!
    my fd is going there during DEC, hope she will be able to help me get a SGH DAY!
    but i am still deciding on the color!
  13. Ooohh!!! And lol at the "we're doing it differently" - so true but it's part of the charm ;)
  14. Oh, you MUST go back on Friday! How can you keep yourself from it? :heart::heart:
  15. Thanks so much, pluiee, for sharing the exciting news with us about new season arrivals. What a shame that you had to endure some rudeness at the same time.