Spring/Summer 06 Grey?

  1. Hi! Does anyone have pics of their Spring/Summer 06 grey? F/W 06 Griege is a little too light for me- I'm looking for a darker grey. And how is the quality of the leather? Is is very thin and papery? Thank you!!! I'm on the hunt for a new bag! =)
  2. I think the grey 06 is really gorgeous. It's very similar to the 05 gray - maybe a touch cooler. You can see the leather on my twiggy is so smooth! I have also included my greige mini bowling in the shot. =) I hope this helps!
    greytwiggy.jpg both.jpg
  3. ^^ here's a photo of my ex-'06 grey hobo :flowers:
    DSCF2267 REV.jpg
  4. WHY aaallabama WHY?????
  5. whow the day looks wonderful in gray!
  6. I have been looking for an 06 grey First...where can I get one?
  7. thanks for all the pictures! i love the grey color on the twiggy especially- that's exactly what i'm looking for! maybe in a Work....*if* i can find one!!
  8. so mas2388,

    what year is ur grey, 06 or 05? i'm confused cuz it's different from aaallabama's grey 06 :smile:
  9. Hi e_pinpin, it's actually grey 06 but her shade is just like 05! I have an 05 gray city as well too so I was able to compare!

  10. Both are beautiful!