Spring Summer 06 Collection

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  1. Hey, has someone posted the bags from Balenciaga's SS06 collection? There were pictures in the first Vogue Collections magazine that came out a few months ago.
    If not I can post them later.
    I don't want to repost anything that's already been here.
  2. now am dying to see them +D
  3. :amuse: well, since 25 people have viewed and no one has answered I'll take that as a "no"?
  4. I love the first two.
    DSC01586.JPG DSC01587.JPG DSC01590.JPG DSC01591.JPG DSC01592.JPG
  5. I love the 3rd one (the croc first!) So damn expensive though.
  6. ooo the croc! :biggrin:
  7. I'd love to see them!

    Ah, see you have posted. What's the 3rd one? City?
  8. i think the 3rd one is a classique in pink croc. :smile:

    I REALLY like that small, round hobo one. it could be very functional for evenings out and the such... also the striped one is very modern, but i would rather have leather than fabric!
  9. hmmm, i dunno which one i'd pick... i think im just into the normal goat stuff....
  10. Ahhhh.. I like the b/w stripes one!! I wish they come in a first. :cry:
  11. I love the stripes toooooo! Maybe they will have a first.
  12. I love the stripes. LVR had that in there list they email you. But I'm not feeling that bank transfer thing.

    I just got my cognac purse from Bal NY. It's TDF! I'll post pics ASAP! Love the size!
  13. ^^^ Please post pics Greenie!!! I love cognac!!!
  14. It's a gorgeous color! :love: More like caramel or scotch (cheers)...very distressed. Love the size! :nuts:

    I can't post pics tonight (working out) so tomorrow for sure!
  15. I can't wait to see the pics! Congratulations! I just know it has to be gorgeous:love:
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