Spring Street, Pomme Heart, Azur mini pochette & more. Off to Paris..................

  1. Here are some items that I haven't had time to post. Spring Street (from a lovely PFer), Sophie, Jack & Lucy, Pastilles MC Keychain, & Pomme Heart. Also, :yahoo: I'm off to see the Mother Ship!!!!!!!!!!!!! LV in Paris!!!!!!!!!! Leaving today. I can't wait. I'll be in London for 3 nights & then Paris for 3. I am thinking about buying a Pomme Roxbury or the new Pleaty clutch, or maybe a bracelet or wallet. I'll just have to see what grabs me. I'm getting my daughter an Azur 25 for sure. I'm taking Sophie along for shopping. lol. I will miss everyone while I'm gone. I love you guys.

  2. oh wow congrats on your purchases!!!they are gorgeous! The spring street is TDF!!! And the coeur! SOOOO jealous that your going to paris! You will have a great time, and welcome to the UK¬!!!!!
  3. Congratulations on all your beautiful new goodies! Have fun on your trip, lucky!!!
  4. Thanks guys. It's my dream trip.
  5. wow.. lots of goodies! love them all!
    Have fun in Paris and London, i love it there!
  6. WOW!! what a haul!! how did you get that sophie?? I am jealous!! lol!! the spring street is so cute!
  7. Have Fun! Great New Stuff!
  8. Congrats on your goodies and BON VOYAGE!!! Hope you have a grand time in Paris! Can't wait to hear all about your vacation when you get back :yahoo:
  9. BYE KATHY!!!!:heart:

    Be safe and enjoy some time w/ the girls!:yahoo:

    When you come back, Shannon is having us for another Chanel luncheon!:biggrin:
  10. :heart: :heart: :heart: it all!
  11. Bye Kathy! Have fun in the Mothership! BTW love all your new goodies.
  12. Thanks for the great pic!
  13. congrats on all of your things!
    you are so lucky you get to go to paris!
  14. Have fun and post more pics when you get back! That Azur mini pochette is seriously calling my name. I love the way Azur looks with the brass chain... so nice.
  15. Sooooo Prettttttttttttttttty :drool: congrats!