Spring Special Edition Louies?

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  1. Has anyone seen any clues, or know of what the special edition spring line by Murakami and Marc Jacobs will be this year? Cherry Blossoms...Cerries...??? I need to know whats next! I have to get out of this winter slump!
  2. Do you think any of the SAs in the retail stores would know? I'm not sure if they are privy to that information, but you never know.
  3. I'm a new fan of LV stuff- so are you saying that Murakami comes out w/a special edition each spring? I hope so!
  4. There are words that the perforated canvas bags are going to be part of the Spring line but as for limited edition spring line (like the cerise, cherry blossom, vernis fleurs) there is no word yet and a lot of confusion in the LVLU community. =>
  5. yeah I would love to know to. Melo keep us updated with what the LULU community find out :smile:
  6. Will do! Kimmy are you a LV fan too? I think you would love it in LVLU!
  7. I believe it will be the Cherry Pits line to follow the Cherry Blossom and Cerise succession. Just little brown circles with laughing faces.
  8. hi mello ..

    Yes I am an LV fan LOL.. I read on live journal that LVLU was shutting its doors..

    I have joined LJ from your link mello, and its cool there -- I was hoping this board would allow me to spread my love around different designers. I think an LVLU or ALVA would encourage me to spend all my £££ just on LV LOL

    How long have you been a member on LVLU ?? as I thought it was a rather new LV board and its already shutting its doors!!
  9. Can I get that link too? :love: I'm a LV fan for sure :nuts:
  10. ok. I laughed.:biggrin:
  11. there was this cute perforated bag from the runway show that i wanted but my SA said that there were no plans to produce the bag....was soso sad :cry:
  12. You cracked me up!! :lol::lol::lol: