Spring Sample Sale!


Mar 19, 2006

Belen Echandia Spring Sample Sale
Sunday, 24 April 2011 by Belen Echandia

Belen Echandia is excited to announce its upcoming spring sample sale with up to 40% off selected styles.

The sale will be held online and will begin on Wednesday 27 April at 6pm GMT and will end on Saturday 30 April at 6pm GMT.
Some Tips:

1. If you are outside the UK, call your bank in advance and get authorization for an overseas payment with us (sometimes banks are cautious about overseas purchases, particularly luxury handbag purchases!)

2. Be quick & early – items tend to get snatched up very quickly! Purchase one bag at a time to save time, and we will combine the shipping once the sale is over. *Please note, this might not be done immediately due to the large number of orders we receive, but we will do this as soon as we can, so please bear with us.*

3. Don't forget to check the time zone to make sure that you're there on time!

If you encounter any problems please email info@belenechandia.com as we all check this account, so whoever is working will get back to you quickly.

Please note: we will wait until the sale is over to dispatch orders unless you request otherwise. Orders may take longer than usual to dispatch.

Good luck!
The BE Team


Anyone looking for something special? :graucho:


Jul 9, 2007
am i being dense or is nothing marked down yet on the site??? it kept crashing on me then nothing would load, now all i see are full price stuff....

I don't think the sale starts for another half hour - I just checked and there's nothing up yet under the Sale link in the Shopping section and that was the only link I could find to any sale on the site. It should start at 11 am pst/2pm est.