Spring Sales

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  1. Hi, does anyone know when the sales start if any?
    I did see a post saying it was end of May but not sure.
  2. Hi, I think the sale starts soon now, around the next couple of weeks.
  3. Thank you .
    I have been trying to order a Navy Pouch from the Proenza North American site but always come up with an error when I checkout.
    Customer services said that this particular colour is not available to dispatch to the UK!!
    Shame.. I can't find it anywhere else.
  4. Perhaps PS will restock with the fall collection when it's released. For the PS website they ship directly from Italy to the EU, I think that's why it's only available in the US.
  5. Oh I see, shame.
    I'm looking forward to the sales :smile:
  6. Does Proenza usually do a sale on their website around this time??
  7. They do normally have a sale around Memorial Day.
  8. Anyone who knows when the sales in EU are gonna start? I know the starting time from the US and EU is different.
    And where to keep an eye open? I've been buying from Luisaviaroma, thecorner and mrsH but i'd like to know where else to look. Never had any luck on the big sites like mytheresa, net-a-porter or the proenza website, the good stuff always get sold out so fast! :cry:
  9. ^I think for the PS website it could also start after the US but keep an eye on the sale section around that time.
  10. The Sale section in the PS site seems to be gone so maybe they're starting to fix it and will add stuff for the sale?
  11. That's exactly what I thought!
  12. Sale at the official is now live!

    Got myself a Dune PS1 Tiny and a black fringe Pouch!

    I hope it was worth it but I paid for the extra $25 2nd day shipping since I heard that the shipment take forever during the sales events and I'm going on vacation next week.
  13. Congrats on your purchases. I made a few myself. :shame:

    I don't recall delayed shipping being a problem in the past...at least not for me. I did have a problem last sale because they shipped both of my packages to an old address and not the one I entered at checkout. They ended up in FedEx limbo for about 2 weeks. It's the only time that I have been grateful for FedEx's Direct Signature.
  14. I got the email today but the link isn't working.:sad:
  15. I regretted it immediately after I saw that FedEx is doing the shipping because I'm sure that will be fast but oh well... I got paranoid that I won't get it on time LOL!

    I'm quite excited! I hope the fringe one doesn't disappoint me. I've never seen it in person and I'm such an impulse buyer that I sometimes regret my purchases.

    It's working for me! Maybe just try again?