Spring Runway Shoes To Pre Order At Saks:)

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  1. :yes: here are my absolute favourites :yes: have a nice drooling ladies :drool: at least hopefully some of you so that i dont suffer alone!:heart:
    0431371813997_500x500.jpg 0431371814239_500x500.jpg 0431371817438_500x500.jpg
  2. and the rest of them:yahoo:
    0431371813515_500x500.jpg 0431371814680_500x500.jpg 0431371815502_500x500.jpg 0431371816158_500x500.jpg 0431371816363_500x500.jpg
  3. and some more :jammin:
    0431371816790_500x500.jpg 0431371817117_500x500.jpg 0431371817759_500x500.jpg
  4. Ooooooooooooooooooh! Thanks for posting Nats! Very drool worthy :drool:
  5. awww thanks for posting so many pictures of those beautiful shoes nat! they're all so gorgeous. :drool:

    i think this is my favourite from the lot

    this one is so sexy too. is it just me or is it giving off this saucy s&m bondage leather vibe to it?
  6. zero this one totally oozes confidence and power and sex at the same time - a little dominatrix accessoir :yes: if they ever make their way to Ireland i will be the first to try them on ! ( not that im into s/m ... khe khe :shame: )
  7. heh, you know you can always come down "south" (although i'm in the north) to try those shoes if they don't make it to ireland. although i doubt if the dior in manc will be bringing those in, i think you'll have more luck over at chrystalline's side.

    oh yes, dominatrix was the word i was looking for. geez, i'm such a goon, so much for my shining moment last week when the word "moratorium" was used in my lectures and i was all "OH YEAH! I TOTALLY KNOW THAT WORD!"
  8. Ooh I love dior shoes! They are comfy too!

  9. if not im gonna risk it and get them from Saks without trying on even though i usually do ... darn Saks doesnt send outside of us though, might have to molest a friend of mine to get them for me ... :wlae: and then all i have to get is a whip hihi
  10. I love them!! I'm suffering with U :o)

  11. I am in love with the saucy s&m bondage leather one... kinky!!!! Thanks for sharing the shoes... I am heading to Nordstrom after the storm blows over.... drool drool!
  12. [​IMG]
    :drool: OMG! I LOVE ALL THE SHOES (the Trotter Romantique ones are to die for)!!! I especially love the ones above.
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    oooh, you could try one of those mail-forwarding service too, rather than molest your friend... unless of course you want to. ;)
  14. hmm friend would save me paying custom fees but i might try and not bother her with it ... could you give me a name of such service hun??? thank you ! :heart:
  15. oops, sorry nat! i forgot to reply to this post of yours! i've not tried any mail forwarding service before that's US-based, but i know the bluefly website recommends accessusa (Mail Forwarding Leader - Your Very Own U.S. Mailing Address - Mailforwarding).

    i know another community (where a bunch of girls would join in making a large order on any US website to share & save on shipping costs) and some of friends (in singapore) have tried shop without borders - Shop Without Borders: Home. i know they're pretty reliable from the feedback i get from my friends.

    my only personal experience with such online concierge/forwarding service is with shopgopher (ShopGopher — At your service 24/7 — Your very own personal shopper). their fees are kinda high-ish, but elaine is very prompt in everything (from searching for the bag to replying my emails and dispatching the bag), and i can't stop praising their service. if i had the money, i'd definitely use them all the time to make any purchases for the US. :yes: