SPRING ROLL w/peanut dip Recipe**PICS**

  1. Made some spring rolls to bring to the Hollywood Bowl concert I went to w/my fiance this weekend..Apparently you're allowed to bring food and alcohol so I wanted to bring something easy to eat.. I was amazed at how many people brought table cloths, candles, wine glasses..the whole shabang..gesshh, made me feel funny for worrying about our mini wine bottles I brought. Those boxed seats had 2 tables inside, it was pretty cool!

    Okay, enough babbling, here's pics I took of the rolls. :smile:

    From L to R the ingredients:
    rice paper
    rice noodles, green lleaf lettuce
    cucumber, mint & basil, sliced pork tenderloin
    onion, carrots, deveined halved shrimp

    Soak rice paper in warm water then layer; ROLL; add shrimp onion last


    Sauce: Boil Hoisin sauce, Fish sauce, half jar peanut butter and chile


    You can subsiture meats like chicken breast, beef flank..etc..and any veggies you like to make this your own. Have a great day!!! bye! :heart:
  2. wow..it looks so yummy!
  3. I love spring rolls! I miss eating vietnamese food...
  4. mmm, yummy!! :drool:
  5. SP, I have made this before and it's so yummy. I made it for a party and everyone loved it. It was too much work though, so I only make it for my family now when requested.
  6. People do love the taste rather FAST and always want you to make more..eekk.I feel ya!
    Yeah it really is so tedious! I too, only make it for family only.. I made some today and in one hour I wrapped 4.5..geeszzh!!:sweatdrop:
  7. i love spring rolls. yours look so yummy. you are a really great cook judging from all these recipes.
  8. wow, your spring rolls look wonderful! Must try out your recipe!
  9. :smile:TY!!
  10. That looks amazing (minus the shrimp etc for me) but wow! they look great!
  11. I BLAME YOU!!

    For making me craving springrolls now.. T_T
  12. simpleplan - what a fabulous way to present a recipe! I love the photos and everything. I might even be brave enough to try it one day.

    Maybe other TPFers will photograph themselves making their specialty!
  13. looks soooo yummy. I got try this. Thanks for posting
  14. Mmmmm, those look so yummy!
  15. omg i wanna eat that now :drool: you're making me hungry!! lol