Spring Prada Handbag

  1. Hi,I would like to buy a new Prada handbag from the spring colection.
    Do you have any ideas?
  2. Wow! There are so many cute bags out for spring -- it depends on what you need it for and what kind of materials you are thinking of. Have you tried browsing various websites, to get an idea of the styles that are out there?
  3. PS I have to throw in a special word for that straw and canvas frame bag -- so darling! Couldn't resist -- tried to restrain myself earlier... (I very much love frame bags!)
  4. ooh..MElisande and I both love frame bags!!! prada put out a ton of them! they are all so cute!The leather and the raffia ones are my fave..in the bigger sizes!
  5. Yeah! That's the one I meant, Jill. So so cute.
  6. I just bought one frame bag from Prada. I can wear it over my shoulder comfortablely with my winter coat one. The leather is not like buttery soft leather though, it is more structured and kind of stiff feeling. But that is the way how it can stand there in good shape. Here is the pic of her:
  7. Yes,I like a lot the frame bags.I would like a medium one.I saw one in white it was nylon with rafia.It is beautiful but $1550.Do you think it is worth it?
  8. You are talking to a person who buys so much Prada...its scary...YES>ITS WORTH IT!!! I want that bag in leather...ooh Chloe..How could you show me that pic!!!!LOL!
  9. Jill,, there is white on neiman site
    But I love this color, it is called curio.(spelling?),not that orange and not that brown tan. Amazing. I can wear it over shoulder and the frame closure is very convenient!Go get it...I love prada!;)
  10. Definitely the rafia bag is totally worth it. I love that bag!
  11. (the rafia and leather one, I mean)
  12. I mean this handbag
    lino painted $1550.jpg
  13. Do you think it would be difficult to keep it clean?
  14. I would buy the leather one before the fabric one....
  15. Me too.

    But that bag is sweet and pouffy. It could get dirty, I guess.