Spring Prada Bag Lust


Which Do You Like Best?

  1. Prada Number 1

  2. Prada Number 2

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  1. I've been drooling over these bags for a while now. I'm curious to see which one wins more votes. They are both the same price and roughly the same measurements. Here's #1

    And here's #2

    I'd also like to hear from anyone that has a jute Prada bag. How does it hold up? Does it get dirty easily? How do you clean it?
  2. they are both nice but are not really jumping at me, sorry.
  3. I also agree - they don't thrill me - I'd go for one of the canvas bags with embroidered logo first. But...if you really want one, I think I like #2 better!
  4. I like them both but I voted for #1....I'm interested in hearing how to clean this!!!!!!!
  5. The first one gets my vote.
  6. my first impression was #1, just for the way the whole thing looks - I think it looks better. #2 just comes across as way too plain to me.

    But one is a hand-carry and two is a hobo -- so I guess it would depend on your preference there?

    ps I was gonna to say also that #2 looks to square and stiff for the hobo style, I like seeing hobos slouch a little bit!! which may happen after you use it awhile..
  7. Hey PP: Check out this one, from my Saks catalogue. (14" x 14" x 6" $1890) PYTHON TRIM!

    Prada jute bag.JPG
  8. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: OoooooMmmmmGgggggg!!! :drool: :drool: :drool:

    I'll take two, please. :nuts:
  9. Is this the same line?
    The thread starters look like golden phyton...aren't they?
  10. They're both gorgeous bags, but I really like #1 better.
  11. The two bags I posted are also snakeskin, but it's VIPER! Something wickedly appealing to me about using viper for a handbag. :devil:
  12. I like the rope handels on number one.
  13. Found this on Raffaello Network. Seems Prada is doing a lot of variations of this jute/snakeskin bag. This one has too much going on!!!! :yucky:

  14. ITA!