Spring Piece in March Glamour

  1. [​IMG]

    Glamour quotes the bag at $2,700.

    Does the picture change your opinion of it?

    Mine was changed after seeing it in the mag. Sorry my scan doesn't do justice to it. If you're curious the LV top and skirt she's modeled with were listed at 1,805 a piece.
  2. OMG soooooooooooooo hot bag ! Loves it ! better than the tribute bag !
  3. I like it! It's very pretty but not the price. lol! Thanks for posting.
  4. Very pretty bag! Looks so soft and feminine! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Its cute. Don't know if I'd buy though.
  6. I think I've always liked this line! it's really nice :drool:
  7. I like it...but I wouldn't buy it b/c of the price and the style....they have different bag styles in that line don't they?
  8. I like the idea of a chain strap, but this somehow looks cheap to me. The bag's material seems to be nice, though.
  9. LV seems tending to make more chain strap bags. I love it!
  10. ooh!! I like it! But the price! :wtf: Thanks for posting the pic!
  11. She is quite a looker...but that price is kinda steep, with the color and all!
  12. i like it, but i won't buy it.
  13. not my taste, IMHO
  14. Very feminine. Thanks for sharing!
  15. I love it but not the pirce tag.