Spring party

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  1. Can I join the spring party?

    Introducing Ms. Bolide 27 Vert Anis Chevre de Coromandel.

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  2. Gorgy!!! Wow, she'll brighten ANYONES day :love:
  3. Just lovely!


    We need to see photos of you "springing" it into ACTION!
  4. Thanks Angelfish and Piaffe:flowers:.

    Will do some "springing" soon.
  5. Gorgeous :smile:
  6. Very cute, my peko. Very fresh too. Love her! (I was also admiring the book cases in the background of your photo.)
  7. my peko, she is gorgeous!
  8. I've never liked green but everytime I see vert anis I become more and more tempted, beautiful bag
  9. Such a beautiful Bolide. Everytime I see vert anis, I just think of warm weather. Modeling shots please!
  10. vert anis is a gorgeous color, and you got it in chevre no less!! major congrats!!
  11. GORGEOUS! Congrats... I am so in love with GREEN right now....LOVELY!
  12. Beautiful bolide! A fabulous color for spring!
  13. Lecolquitt, LaurieAnn, Pazt, Mooks, Liness92, Kelly32, Ghost55 and Lvrjrt, thank you!

    Should be in bed now during normal days but today is no other day, this is my first day with an H bag in colour. Yes, I took a step further and hope I can move further:graucho:.

    Here I come, in sleepwear:roflmfao::

    Good night and Good morning!

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  14. its lovely!! great leather and color!
  15. It's WONDERFUL!!! I adore the color and chevre de coromandel is one of my favorite leathers - it just "glows". GREAT choice and you wear it so well! The thing I love about this color is its versatility - it looks great for spring/summer, but with winter neutrals, it adds a pop of color and is totally appropriate. Enjoy!!!