spring paddingtons have arrived!

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  1. i just talked to the sales associate at nieman in chicago- they received a huge shipment of chloe this morning, in all colors (chalk, ink, light blue, etc).
    thay are on stand-by to ship immediately! her name is erica, and she is at 1-800-642-4480, ext. 2112.

    have fun- mine is already in the mail!:nuts:
  2. Wow, our boutique says they're not receiving until late Feb.
  3. Lucky girl....must share pictures when you get it.
  4. There's an INK color? I wonder what it looks like.
  5. Have you all seen these new colors? Taupe, Jaune, ...
    0178.jpg 0180.jpg 0098.jpg 0176.jpg 0175.jpg
  6. LVR got some of those colors posted but I don't like these colors at all. :sad:
  7. I love the taupe and mousse:nuts:
  8. lol as we all know, i'm in love with the mousse
  9. I really like the first one.
  10. erica tells me it is sort of a denim blue with charcoal undertones. sounds pretty- i may get it if i'm unhappy with the chalk color i ordered.