Spring noise on turn lock? Should I return? Exchange? Or repair? Help!

  1. My dearest Chanel friends
    I joined this Chanel family just a month ago and have learned loads about Chanel from all of you. Thanks! Now I have a very headachey problem:crybaby: and need your advice.
    The story starts with my sweet boyfriend got me a black patent Jumbo for this past Christmas. As you all know, it was very hard to get, especially in LA--it was just sold out everywhere. So, I was extremely happy and surprised :nuts:when I opened the box on Xmas. I was just adoring the bag until today, I decided to take it out for the first time. Then, I noticed the turn lock feels looser than my other classic flap (I think it should feel firm and snaps right into place). When I examed the turn lock more carefully, I noticed this noise that sounds like a loose spring (maybe the lock is catching on the spring) :cursing:. My perfect day just got ruined at this point:sad:.
    I wonder if any of you guys think this is normal for a brand new Chanel. Should I try to exchange for a new one? My concern is that they are sold out (my BF ordered this one from TX, and it was one of the last pieces). If I take it in for repair, would they ship it back to France? The shipping process fears me lots since they totally deformed my tote last time when I sent it to be cleaned:s. PS, I don't think we can return it since it was bought about 1 month ago from the Boutique. I don't know what to do, please give me some advice.
    Thanks a million:heart:
  2. I would (especially if you have the reciept) take it back to the boutique, ask them if they would take it back. If not. I would simply take it to a Chanel boutique, or any Saks, ect. and they will repair it happily.
    I hope you fix your bag! :smile:
  3. Hope it can be fixed before anything comes loose and drops off.
  4. Hi gigisunsetblue,

    When I got my black classic flap months back, I noticed that the lock is different from my beige flap one which was purchased 7 months earlier.
    I don't know how to explain this better..but when I turned the lock, its turns too easily compared to the first flap which "snaps" to place. I brought my black flap back to check if this is normal and was told by the SA that Chanel change the parts use for the lock..so that's the reason why it's different compared to my other bag.

    But you mentioned for your bag it's to the extend where you could hear like a loose spring. So I suggest it's always good to have it check out that it's not damaged..
    Good luck!
  5. Thanks, analalovechanel, babevivtan, and ibiza for your quick reply!:tup:
    Ibiza--Thanks for confirming what I was thinking---it occured to me that they have changed to a different turn lock system since it just feels too different from the white patent E/W I bought in Feb 07. It sucks though since the new turn locks don't feel as sturdy or quality:sweatdrop:. I like this bag loads, so I will probably try to exchange or get it fixed. It is just the fact that it's brand new and needing repair that makes it unpleasant:throwup:, you know?
  6. Uh oh, something else to immediately check out or ask them to do before shipping. Thanks for the heads up.

    As for repair, perhaps if they replace the lock, you will get the older variety and be a happy camper. I certainly hope it gets fixed to your satisfaction!!