Spring Must have

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  1. Spring is Now here. make a list of the things you
    must have for Spring 2007

    My List
    One Pair of White designer Jeans
    New Pair of Aviator Sunglasses
    One Pair of Gucci Loafers

    Note: may change :yes:
  2. I agree about the New Pair of Aviator Sunglasses.

    I also need (er, want...):
    New espadrilles
    New black ballet flats (I am currently on the lookout for the perfect pair)
    Lightweight pencil skirts in tan and black for work
    Basic white tee and navy tee for accessorizing (I get a bunch every season and replace them every summer.)
    New tan capris (already scored some yesterday!)

    I still need to evaluate my closet and toss some things that are either damaged or just plain hideous. Then I can decide if I still need anything else.

    I love Spring! :smile:
  3. I really want those gorgeous silk shirts and dresses from Zara. Loose fitting, kind of like big t-shirts but flattering.
  4. i need a pair of ballet flats, grey pumps, trench coat, and LV bag

    (yes, i NEED those. hehe)
  5. 1) Pair of gold flat sandals
    2) James Perse white tees
    3) White eyelet dress
  6. 1) Navy skirt
    2) Black Patent ballet flats
    3) DVF short sleeve wrap tops
    4) Sandals- just can't decide which ones yet
    5) New bikini- was on my list but bought a Milly bikini
  7. 1. trench coat (thinking to invest into Burberry)
    2. white blazer/suit jacket
    3. white purse (even no-brand ok, it will get dirty too soon)
    4. white/black sun dresses
    5. some classic-looking leather jacket
    6. classic high-heeled black boots

    Well, I definitely need higher salary:p
  8. :lol: That's on my Spring must have list too!
  9. -one or two really neat above the knee skirts with volume.
    -a couple awesome summer dresses
    -new pair of awesome pumps
    -some kind of sandal/espadrille in a bright colour
    -high waisted belt (black leather, NO buckle)
    -some kind of cropped jacket

    already got- white eyelet top, two bikini's :yes:

    super wish- Balenciaga with gold hardware for my birthday:heart:
  10. 1 pair of shiny metallic trainers....can't find them though
  11. -1 white jean jacket, somewhat cropped (check! Thanks to Jcrew, hah!)
    -Two more white layered/slightly fluffy skirts, knee-length (hard to find this season :sad:)
    -1 pair casual gold sandals or wedges, 1 pair gold flats, one pair white casual sandals/wedges, 1 pair white flats, 1 pair red/multi flats...I'm sure I need others, hah
    -1 summer Juicy Couture bag (my OMG-I'm-waiting-so patiently-for-my-Birkin-temp bag :biggrin:). Probably in redxwhite or redx?
    -1 pair of new sunglasses (Done, Check! Finally! A new pair of Chanel's in a violet/blueish color, with a nifty silver folding circle logo on the sides).
    -6-8 new Lacoste 5 button polos (three down, 3-5 more to go!)
    -A huge, great looking sun hat! The Neiman Marcus site has a couple of great looking giant, wide-brimmed Pucci hats, so I may go for one of those :yes:

    I wish I could find some great summer dresses, but I am really picky about dresses. All I can find are empire and high-waist halter dresses, neither of which I like (large boobs, terrible look). I need fitted halter dresses with fabric that covers most of my chest, with a v-neck, with a fitted bottom half, and various other criteria :s
  12. a few summer dresses
    some summer skirts
    white pants
    chanel sunglasses
    2 bathing suits
  13. dresses, dresses and more dresses :wlae: I :heart: dresses in warm weather
  14. Pink rainbow flip flops - I'm addicted to Rainbows!!

    White shorts. I've already got a pair of white linen pants I'm dying to wear.

    Cute, breezy tanks & tubes.

    Other than that, I'm pretty much set!
  15. 1. White straight leg jeans
    2. Marine Balenciaga with giant gold hardware
    3. Gold ballet flats
    4. Navy blue polka dot espadrilles
    5. Lots of navy, yellow and white basic tees and tanks
    6. Aviators

    Got #3 and 6
    #1 and 2 are on the way
    Still on the look out for #4 and 5