Spring jacket

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  1. Hey everyone I'm looking for a spring jacket. Any input thoughts ideas? It should be fashionable and preferably no black leather jacket because that i already have and no lightweight jacket as this would be for warmer spring times. Just something like a thinner parka or a coat not too thin. Can't wait to see some of your choices :smile:) xx
  2. A trench coat is the perfect option for spring, loads of options, have a look at Nordstroms.
  3. I'm in the market for the same thing. For a nano second I thought about a Burberry quilted. But they don't fit me well. Too tight in the shoulders then big at the waist. I hope others share ideas :smile:
  4. My spring/summer jacket is a short light weight white Versace jacket (perfect with my summer dresses for those cool nights) I LOVE IT
  5. yeh i hope so too. not too easy.
  6. How about a barbour coat? I have one and I think it's great for every season. Spring, autumn, and with a warm sweater underneath in winter.
  7. Very curious too! I actually purchased and returned a burberry quilted jacket and am now thinking of barbour...

    So many army jacmets around but i think I want something classic? The burberry would be perfect if it accomodated my figure better! (Im on the curvier side)
  8. try isabel marant, IRO or Smythe...
  9. +1

    I love Barbour!