Spring is over...Bummer

  1. Well, I was totally stoked for the Spring Line. I had so many bags I wanted. I was sure they all ROCKED. I went crazy and got:
    And Elisha in Red
    Nicole in Rose
    Nicole in Luggage
    Charlie in Rose
    Bonnie in Blonde
    Nina in Slate

    For one reason or another they were all wrong except for the Elisha (which is HOT HOT HOT). I listed my last acquisition The Nina in Slate tonight. The bag is too small for me.

    Do you recommend me trying any of the other Spring Fares? Or do I give up till Fall? One out of 6 bags is crazy! Do I want to try a Natasha? How is the leather on that bag? Durable?
  2. One of the Spring bags I still have my eye on is the Gretchen... that's definitely one we haven't talked about. It's just my size at 14L x 8H x 6D. The only problem right now is that it only comes in slate and straw.

    I would love to see this bag carried forward into fall but reintroduced in more practical, darker colors.

    Kooba Gretchen
  3. I was eyeing the black smooth or forest suede gretchen as well. I haven't seen anything written about it. Does anyone have one?
  4. It sucks to hear that, specially from you Lexie. What was wrong with the Nicole?
  5. Lexie, I bought your Nina. After seeing the eBay shots, I think it'll be a good size for me. I'm justifying this in my mind because I think I'm going to list my Carla. I realized that I bought it only because I got it as a mistake and I don't really like the metallic brown that much, nor am I wild about the style of the bag.

    So anyway, I'm sorry your spring line didn't turn out that great, but I have to say I'm really happy because I wanted a slate Nina in the worst way! Thank you!
  6. Ooooh... where have I been? Living in a cave? Thanks!
  7. Lex - I didn't realize you had a rose Nicole!! Did you sell it recently?

    I'm still lusting for something, anything in that color. I know you've had problems with scuffing and scratching and that's given me some hesitation.

    I'm sorry the spring line didn't quite work out for you, but you surely helped some of us here upgrade our own collections. :yahoo:

    I'm wondering about fall myself. Mostly I'm wondering how I'm going to hold out for 3 or 4 months and keep to my buying Plan. I'm not supposed to buy another bag til August or September.:push:
  8. Hey Grace... so you scored that slate Nina?

    WTG! :yahoo:
  9. :yahoo: :wlae: :supacool: I did, I did! Been lusting for one for ages, but couldn't justify it.

    My husband will beat me. :nuts: :graucho:
  10. Lexie
    I'm curious. I am intigued by both the bonnie and the elisha and you got both but only kept the elisha. What did you dislike about the bonnie? They seem pretty similar to me. Could you share your experiences? TIA!
  11. I first saw the Gretchen Last year and toyed with the idea but the bag never really appealed to me and I don't like the large front flap. I'm not keen on the straw or slate in that bag so those older colors on sale are great!!!
  12. I had Lninos send me the Rose Nicole because I couldn't make up my mind on the color. I decided the Charlie was better for me in Rose so I sent the Rose Nicole back.

    Not a thing is wrong with the Nicole. Vert pretty bag. I got the Nicole and Charlie around the same time and decided one had to go being I didn't need 2 large bags and also because I had so many brown bags already. It was already listed by the time I realized the Charlie had "issues".

    Nothing is wrong with the Bonnie Per se. It was just waaaaay to small for me. Darling bag! I wish it would have been a couple more inches each way. And I love the Elisha Bonnie Leather that seems to wear so well for me.
  13. Oh I'm so sorry. Let us know about the beating and we'll file spousal abuse charges for you. We'll show him!!!

    Gee Grace, If I had known just how bad you wanted it I would have made the BIN higher! Ha!:graucho:
  14. Yes, I thought that might be the concern. I really like the look of the Bonnie, but had heard that it was small. I hadn't been able to find the dimensions for it though..