Spring is In!

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  1. #1 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    I just spoke with the manager of the MbyMJ store here in Chicago and they've received the first shipment of Spring/Summer bags! He sent me pics of everything they're gotten so far. I don't have all the price/color info, but here's what he sent me compared to what's on the MJ website

    Bruna and Kristina Bags
    Grey; Safron; Bronze (bruna
    Yellow, Safron, Black, White (Kristina)
    The Kristina is $895
    I believe the Bruna is $1295

    Purple, White ($1350)
    Grey ($1395) (which he described as a "metalic grey" almost blue-ish. He said it's not soft leather, but textured (he had a hard tiem describing it -- I asked if it was like the Mika/Colorblock bags and he said similar, but not as "rough" or "scratchy")


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  2. #2 Jan 24, 2009
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    Patent Leather Alyona & Stam ($1350)
    Red & Black
    (Black Nylon/Satin Lining)

    Large Zip Wallet($545)
    Orange, Safron, Grey, Fuschia (all in the "metalic leather)

    all of the metalic leathers are $40-50 more than the "traditional" quilted - i.e., the quilted stams are $1350, the metalic ones are $1395. the large quilted wallets are $495, the metalic ones are $545

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  3. oooh thank you thank you! I love the yellow kristina and the grey stam & bruna! TY
  4. Thank you for the spy pics and info, Iluv! (Btw, you don't post as often, how are you? We missed you!)

    I think I am sold on the purple Stam. Finally, I can get a quilted Stam :yahoo:. The leather piece on the chain strap pretty much sealed the deal. I will have this bag on my list for '09.

  5. Thank you so much for posting those pics! What an eye candy for me after my last week without tpf! :biggrin:
  6. The grey/blue looks kind of like the Icy Petrol. I like it!
  7. One more bag --
    the Christine ($1350)
    (I thought this was a Bruna when I first saw it!)

    They ony recd one -- this black one

    and this Spring's Eugenie ($395)
    (black for right now)

    (has the Eugenie always had a zipper pocket on the inside??)

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  8. Thanks so much for posting these, Iluv!! That metallic dark grey is gorgeous and I really like the addition of the leather piece on the stam chain straps. Can't wait to see it all IRL!
  9. Nope, I have one from S/S08 and it definitely didn't have any zip pocket.
  10. #10 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    I really like the Grey wallet as well, but don't know
    if I want to spend $550 on a wallet!!

    I asked him if he knew why it was so much more, but he didn't know
    I'm sure it has something to do with the material or finish since all the
    metalic bags are around $40-50 more than the quilted ones

    I'm crossing my fingers that it might come in the same Peach
    as the stam is supposed to come, which would be $495
    (I missed out on the "beige" one from Resort, and I think I
    actually like this color even better!!)


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  11. Thanks for posting iluv! The more pics of the Kristina I see, the more I think one will be mine!
  12. the purple stam is lovely! and i love the lilac that surrounds the zipper... thanks for posting!

  13. thanks xi!:smile:
    my Gram just passed away last week, so we had a lot to plan and take care of. We knew it was coming, but she just wouldn't let it go & fought til the end, so it's been a long few weeks (even now, I find it hard to get "motivated", so it might be a while before I'm regularly posting again)
  14. I forgot to mention that the Kristina will also be available in Purple --
    and actually, here's the message that went with the pics (for some reason I couldn't open it originally):

    large zip wallets in metallic $595, available in dk gray, bronze, gold, and fuschia

    eugenie clutch in black $395, only available in black is released at the moment, but will come out in purple, white, and peach.

    spring 09 quilted stams in purple and white. These will be the same colors that the eugenie clutch will be available in later on in spring.

    metallic stam in dark gray (appears like a navy in person). Also available in the four colors you see in the zip wallets.

    metallic bruna, in dk gray, gold, and bronze (also in the fuschia, but we do not have here in the store).

    metallic bruna and on bottom shelf, the new spring Kristina bags available in safran (yellow), black and white at $825, and also available in purple. And metallic kristina's (pictured in gold, and available in dk gray, bronze, and fuschia) at $850.

    patent stam and alyona both $1350 and available in strawberry and black

    Christina in black, $1350
  15. iluv, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family