Spring Is Here************

  1. Take a deep breath and get ready for the strongest collection I’ve ever seen . . . . This one will knock your socks off!

    12 Boxes arrived in Chicago yesterday, so if you like anything you see feel free to call Casey and tell her you're a Choo Girl :choochoo: :choochoo:

    More to follow below:yahoo:

    mona.jpg Large_Mona_side_detail[1].JPG Medium_Mona_sand[1] (2).JPG Medium_Mona_sand_zipper_open[1] (2).JPG Mona_zipper_detail[1] (2).JPG
  2. :happydance:More to come
    Mahala_platinum[1] (2).JPG Mahala_platinum_detail[1] (2).JPG Mahala_smoke[1] (2).JPG Mahala_smoke_detail[1] (2).JPG Marin_smoke[1] (2).JPG
  3. :nuts:The best for last...........:choochoo:
    Marin_smoke_detail[1] (2).JPG Mahala_silver[1] (2).JPG Mahala_silver_detail[1] (2).JPG Mahala_turquoise[1] (2).JPG Mahala_turquoise_detail[1] (2).JPG
  4. get on with it!!!
    I'm hanging on the edge of my seat here :drool:
  5. VA VA VA VOOOOOOM!!!!!! I knew it!!! :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool: :drool:
  6. Robynbenz.... any pics of saba?? I really want to seeeee it!!

    Thanks for the pics!
  7. Loving the turquoise - thanks so much Robyn
  8. 1 more little Choo :choochoo:

    Go get them girls:yahoo:
    Medium_Mona_black[1] (2).JPG
  9. no saba??

    Love the silverr mahala... sooo funky. thanks again for sharing
  10. I just sent Casey an e-mail asking if she has received any yet and to send me photos when she does. I will post more as they arrive:yahoo:

    Glad I could help riffraff & bella :tup:
  11. :crybaby:I won't be getting the turquoise, even though I love that color. I put a special order for a turquoise bag in already and don't think my wardrobe or my bank account can handle 2 high end turquoise bags.
    :yes:it's GORGEOUS!! :heart::heart:
  12. OMG the Spring bags are hot! I like the Mona. Thanks for sharing the pictures Robyn. :tup:
  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE the turquoise :nuts::nuts:
    Robyn - do you know if it comes in a maddy?
    If I didn't already have 3 mahalas I would get a mahala!!
  14. thanks robyn! :heart:.....wow! i really am excited.:yahoo:
    i have to resist the mahalas ( although i adore them):sweatdrop: bc i have to get a riki first:yes:....can't wait to see the spring riki choices!:drool:
  15. PLEASE let this color come out in a Riki! It probably won't, but I can still dream! :love:

    Thanks Robyn, for taking the time to post all of these fantastic photos!! :flowers: