Spring is coming...

  1. I personally dread this. I will miss the earthy shades and jeweltones of winter, and all the furry things or leather. I also miss the ability to layer without suffering a heat stroke. I miss wearing any of my several pairs of boots and my jackets, and wearing my hair down without it getting poofy from humidity.

    I tend to be unhappily restricted to basketball shorts, sandals, and beaters because of the surviving decision between "be hot and miserable vs. show my gross chicken legs to the world"

    What are your thoughts? Does anyone agree with me? Anyone offer any advice for anti-summer people like myself and possibly others?
  2. I disagree... I love spring and summer! I don't think the only option for staying cool involves your aforementioned basketball shorts and beaters...

    I love breezy summer dresses... those are my favorites! I crisp, fitted white polo and a bright print skirt like Lilly Pulitzer or Pucci plus jeweled scandals sounds like my idea of heaven.
  3. Since California winters are really like spring, I don't see much of a difference here. People walk around in flip flops and shorts all year round, which, frankly is annoying as I get sick of going to nice resturants and sitting next to a couple wearing beach shorts and rubber shoes.
    Sorry, was that off topic?:s
  4. I steadfastly cling to structured modern or rugged clothes, usually androgynous. The "breeziest" I get is peasant skirts, but those are also in emerald greens, maroons, and slate-blues.

    I am simply not a fan of anything typical of summer clothes.
  5. I'd get annoyed with that too. On vacation in Florida, I packed nothing but beach shorts, tank tops, and a pair of nike tennishoes. We went to eat in a Greek restaurant and even though I was 12 at the time, I knew something was amiss.
  6. Im an antisummer person, but I still love dressing up for all the seasons, sure I'll miss winter, but it's nice to put on some lighter clothing. Don't be so negative :biggrin: You can still layer but buy clothes in lighter shades, or if you miss the dark colours buy dark accessories and wear them with nice spring clothes :smile:!
  7. When it's winter I want it to be warm and wear summer clothes, and when its summer I cant wait for the weather to get cold and get my uggs and warm sweaters out!

    I love wearing sandals and heels in the spring and summer though, but I hate having to fake tan constantly in the summer! At least in the winter, if you dont fake tan you can cover up!
  8. Unfortch for us, it's summer all year 'round here :p

    I'm almost always in black, but I do like me whites too! Which will be fab to wear once it stops raining all the time!! :yes:
  9. I love fall and winter clothes too! I don't find a lot of summer clothes that excite me, and I look dreadful in all the tan/beige/khaki stuff. Fall/Winter clothes are so much more fun, the colours are gorgeous, and we get to wear boots! :yahoo:
  10. I don't like summer clothes but I like spring clothes. It's basically just lighter, brighter colors and lighter materials than my fall clothes. (Actually, I wear some of the same clothes year round....) I don't care for winter that much because I get very lazy when it's cold and I default to my warmest coat....
  11. I love spring/summer! i'm definitely more of a laid-back, bright color tops, funky sandal kind of gal.

    While I love fall/winter clothes, i just feel that sometimes it's too bulky.
  12. I absolutely hate winter. I hate wearing socks, and I hate being cold or bulky. For some reason, it's summer in NZ but we're still having autumn-ish temperatures.
  13. I don't much care for summer clothes. I love fall and winter, the colors and the layering. Spring is ok - I'm not a fan of bright colors but somethings I like, like a little seersucker jacket or a pale colored cashmere sweater. In summer I tend to wear jeans and black tee shirts or tank tops along with black ballet flats. This year I'm hoping to get some use out of my McQueen skull scarf and to wear more black and white together. I also got a lightweight bubble skirt that worked well last summer so I guess I can use that alot - its black too though.
  14. Don't say that! Our version of winter in SF JUST arrived -- I have waited months to be able to wear sweaters, turtlenecks, coats and boots. I adhore summer to a degree that would make you think I was allergic to the sun...if I could find a place that was Fall year round, I would be SO happy!
  15. ^^^I wish our winter WOULD arrive!! The highs around here in December and January aren't normally much over 40-50 degrees. It's been in the low to mid 70's most of the past month. Blech!:yucky: It's WINTER! I want cold weather! I've got beautiful leather jackets, tailored suit jackets and gobs of new sweaters that I can't wear.......because I'm still digging out my spring clothes. Harumph!

    :back2topic: Now that I got that off my chest, there are things I love about all four seasons. I'm a skirt and sandal lover so I love warmer weather for that reason. Once I finally made peace with my arms in sleeveless tops, I even happily wear them. Flip side: I love cold weather clothes. I adore leathers, sweaters and I've lost track of the number of boots I have.

    All seasons have their fashion virtues. You just have to look for them sometimes.