Spring is coming, thinking of exchanging my black lockit

  1. I just got my black shulai lockit MM for Christmas, I am thinking of exchanging it for white.

    I bought it awhile ago, but it has not been used...I called my SA, and they will let me exchange it if I want....but do I?

    I have so many white MC accessories that would look so cute with the white. Or maybe I should just get some black ones :graucho: .

    hmmm....I think I am just bored :shrugs: .
  2. I love the black lockit. I wear a ton of black in the Summer so I would still get use out of it but if you don't think you will then you should exchange it.
  3. get BOTH!!! hehehehe
  4. ITA with Crystal. Black is always great for the summer to offset all the bright light colors. If you find you're not going to use this beautiful Sulhali exchange it.
  5. Black can look great in the summer, I love this bag & think it's great in black. I actually prefer the black in the PM & the white in MM though, so I think you should have both!!..[all 4]:whistle: . Do you have any other white or black bags ? If so than you could get the lockit that is the opposite.
  6. I love both, it depends on how many white bags do you already have and do you use them?
  7. i do love the white:love:
  8. both black and white are very nice but i will go for the black instead of white because white bag gets dirty easily
  9. taco... You are incorrigible!;)
  10. I like the black lockit.
  11. I wear black a lot in the summer too - looks great.
  12. I think you should keep it in black...white might be too much to take care of!??!
  13. I LOVE black in the middle of summer, but, I love black and white together. I saw one pic here a while back on "show what's in your bag" and someone had all black and white accessories in their black or white bag.... sooooo cool! you can't go wrong either way,,, did you get the agenda????
  14. My favorite is the black - it is so luscious! - And I wear lots of black in the summer (linen, black and white) - It's so beautiful!
  15. I think you ladies are right...I am better with the black, the only other black bags I have are a Luella Giselle and an Hermes Kelly.

    I have no pure white bags, but I do have the Aurelia GM, Speedy and Alma...all in white MC...and...am still think of the GM pampellone, or another azur bag....and a perle brentwood, so that's alot of white!

    What would I do without you ladies :love: .