Spring Hayden Harnett bags

  1. anyone has seen them IRL yet? Look pretty; the first one is already on sale at Anthro.


  2. I have the first one you posted, the Tuileries bag. I can't decide if it's old-ladyish or not, but I'm kind of old-ladyish anyway. The only thing I noticed in real life is that the camel seems slightly darker and less yellow in real life. Only the front side is painted, I figured if I get sick of the flowers I can always carry it with the plain side out. HH leather is so nice that it looks good either way.
  3. I think their new yellow one is fabulous!!!! It's pricey for HH though! $600!

  4. I love this one, too, but I would never pay $600 for Hayden Harnett. $400, maybe, but $600 and I might as well get a Balenciaga.
  5. That Yellow bag is a beauty. I love HH bags but with more popularity comes a higher price tag. 600 is way too much for that bag.
  6. JNH14, I thought the EXACT same thing! That would be the perfect yellow bag for me. Although I already bought one, but I wanted something that I would LOVE. And I do love this one... but not for $600 especially for HH.
  7. Good thing about HH is they have lots of sales so I'm sure you would be able to get it cheaper eventually.
  8. Yellow bag is very nice! A little bit Balenciaga-ish.
  9. I love the second bag with the red floral print. It's sold out at Hayden-Harnett's website. Has anyone seen this one in real life yet?
  10. yeap, I agree..I am hoping to get it on sale somewhere sometime.....
  11. So everyone agrees that the Pallenberg Duffel (the "yellow" bag above) is yellow? It looks orange to me. Actually, in some of the pictures on the HH site it looks yellow, and in others it looks pure orange (in the one of a model wearing the bag, for example). Sometimes I worry that I have some sort of color perception problem...:confused1:

    Also, I've never seen a HH in real life, and I'm a bit of a handbag shopping novice, so can you explain why a HH bag is not worth 600 dollars? Is the leather not good quality? Is it because the bag is not suede lined (but aren't some really high-end, designer bags also not lined in suede--such a Chloe and Alexander McQueen bags)? Enlighten me, please!
  12. I love HH but the leather is real delicate. I love the feel of it but you just have to be real careful not to scuff it.
  13. The Pallenberg is now on sale for $377!