Spring Handbags on gucci.com

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  1. Wow did you see the Marrakech medium shoulder bag? I love this bag!
  2. I will be ALL over that white leather boston with the blue and red webbing down the center and I also will be all over that gg fabric with the "tobacco" leather trim and the green and red webbing down the center:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    BTW: those are the Cruise 2011 bags, not the Spring ones yet.
  3. I love the coral sukey guccissima.
  4. What's the difference between the cruise and spring collection?
  5. Oops speaking of coral I forgot to add that I love that Coral tote that has "Made in Italy by Gucci" written across the front...so yummy!!!
  6. Not sure but I know Cruise always comes out close to November...also I called them today just to make sure they were going to have a Spring line too and they said that they are still coming out with a Spring line and that cruise and spring lines are totally different.
  7. Do you know when the spring line will come out?
  8. I love the cruise collection especially those yummy medium croc bamboo top handles!!! They're to TDF!
  9. I like the Cruise line! Finally, after a few years something has caught my eye again!

    I want the Mayfair hobo!

    Thanks for posting this!
  10. OMG! VINTAGE WEB #247205 A7MAG 2767 SOOoo sweet!
  11. Is this collection already available at Gucci stores?
  12. Most Cruise items will come in soon, after Autumn and before the real cold of Winter - but they don't usually go on sale (if they do) until the S/S sale.

    Cruise (or Resort as it's called at other brands) is traditionally for Winter-sunshine holidays/vacations. That is why it often looks more Summery than even S/S - because its designs are more suited to leisure rather than everyday.
  13. I saw some bags that are classified as web exclusive, does that mean I can't get from the store?

  14. Unfortunately, usually it does. Sometimes it only applies to the territories of that particular website (web exclusive in US/Canada or exclusive in Europe etc) so other places can by the same items from stores. Some of these items also show up in outlets after the web exclusive season regardless of territory.