SPRING Forward and SHOWER us with those March & April purchases!

  1. I am happy to present you my new cutie :yahoo:

    2011 Rh vert menthe work :love:
  2. My new to me Vert Poker Work! Lovin' the Work size.
  3. ^^Beautiful - both GREEN WORK bags ladies!
  4. Beautiful! Love greens :smile:
  5. Congrats for getting a cutie in such a versatile color. :smile:

    Congrats, enjoy wearing your bag. She's a beauty in that striking shade of green. :smile:
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    Just recieved my preloved Mandarin Work. Perfect for spring! Still winter and snowing in Norway, so will definetly cheer me up on cold mornings:smile:
    My bal bracelet in Tangerine GGH is very similar in colour
  7. Just got this gorgeous Outremer Work few days ago.:happydance::woohoo:
    IMG_1402 (2).jpg
  8. Everyone's getting a Work :biggrin: They all look fab! Thanks for sharing!!
  9. love this color!so pretty! congrats! :smile: u wear ur bbags so well! love how u take pics of them! ;)
  10. i know! i noticed that too! now i feel bad for selling mine! lol! looks like i need one in rh. :smile:
  11. Yayyyyyyy :yahoo: here is my new 08 Rh pale magenta step :love:

  12. Love all of these bright colors!!!
  13. Awww, thank you. You are too sweet.
  14. Ok, I'm here again! :smile::p Just got my first bal bracelet in lagon rggh! So pretty! I love it! :love:

    ***with my cyclade and cyclamen city bags :smile:

    it's like Christmas in Spring! Lol!
    securedownload-19.jpeg securedownload-20.jpeg
  15. So pretty! Congrats on finding one so quickly!!