SPRING Forward and SHOWER us with those March & April purchases!

  1. Nice and edgy!
  2. My new to me BL rggh wallet! :smile:
  3. Congrats! Enjoy your new wallet!! ;)
  4. Love the Cyclamen color Kath! I'm deciding between Rose Bonbon or this in the City Mini....decisions, decisions!
  5. And you bought a beautiful wallet and didn't tell me!!! Withholding purchases :p
  6. Lovely :smile:
  7. OMG!!! It's absolutely stunning!! Congrats!!
  8. Just received my mini pompon in Gris Tarmac! Apologize for the bad lighting!
  9. thank u ladies! :smile:
  10. hi gf! lol! been so bad lately but ive been really looking for this combo since i sold my bl velo.i gotta have this piece somehow! =):graucho:
  11. very first envelope clutch :smile:


  12. I love this color
  13. Received this Rose Bombon Flat Clutch a few days ago. My first bal clutch! Love that it's so roomy so there's no need to compromise. I'm able to bring out all my usual necessities (ipad mini, wallet, card holder, fat wallet, keys, lipbalm, tissue), minus waterbottle and organiser.

  14. She's so purty! Such a gorgeous colour, a stunner in RGGH! Congratulations!

  15. Very Pretty and perfect for Spring!