spring dylan 2012

  1. Hey! I saw these today. They only have one Triple Zip Dylan satchel - sand. But there are other smaller bags in Emerald & Violet, did I get the names right?

    I'm liking the 3 tone (colour block) flap clutch: black, emerald, violet!
  2. I just ordered the emerald zip wallet yesterday.
  3. Ooooh, new Maya bags (clutch and mini bucket), some nice summery colours. A bright blue and an orange.
  4. They have some great new spring colors!
  5. My emerald wallet came, it is gorgeous!
  6. :useless: :biggrin:
  7. I'll try and get some pics when my kiddos go to bed. I have that and the Cypress Wallet that they oly sell on LP, too.
  8. The purple triple zip speedy looks gorgeous!
  9. Hello LPers! I have made a few purchases in the last 2 weeks. Will get some pics to post. Have always loved LP and usually have kept one in my always changing bag collection. I still have my dark brown Samantha bag which is gorgeous. Funny when I got it a few years ago I thought it was kinda big, now it seems so small.
    So from eBay I purchased a Zucca Dylan med tote. Love it and how nice and big it is. Also a Turquoise Dylan shoulder tote, great summer bag. Then on LPs sale I got the Amethyst Dylan triple zip Speedy and the Black Maya large Speedy. Both are beautiful! Well I didn't stop there...got a little carried away and another order should be arriving today...
  10. Pictures, pictures, pictures! :smile:
  11. The Zucca leather is gorgeous - the perfect orange. Enjoy!
  12. Thanks! Love the Zucca leather too. After reading a few care posts here I purchased the Wilsons Leather and Suede protection spray and will use it on the bags before I carry them.

    The Spring Dylan colors are great! Would love to see someone's Emerald or Scotch..??
  13. Love this bag and color!