spring dylan 2012

  1. I have posted on the FB, and emailed them. I personally think the DZT and DMT should be in all collections in all possible colors. Those are probably their two best-selling bags and frankly are the reason people probably know about the line at all. I really feel like not keeping those is actually detrimental to their brand. Esp since 80% or more of their sales probably come from online buyers, with no B&M outlet in their city.

    I actually thought going to sleep might take some of the frustration away, but it just made it worse! Grr!

    That's likely a typo, I think it's supposed to be a wider "medium" tote. 14.25x14.5 by 5. But that's not the DMT design, it's something different, and I find it fug! It looks CHEAP like something you'd get at Target. Their amazing leather cannot even save it.
  2. I completely agree with this! :yes:
  3. I have no idea why I am taking this so damn personally!
  4. I have to say, I am disappointed too. I love the colors, but do not like any of the styles, especially the Dylan zip shoulder.....sigh, where would I even begin with that one.

    I have also been saving, was hoping for a scotch. Will be holding on to that extra cash for now!
  5. Yea don't get me started on that zip shoulder.
  6. The shoulder is pretty bad, lol
  7. This was their response to my asking about Dylan Medium:

    The triple zip speedy is NOT even CLOSE to the same dimensions or size. Neither is the same functionality. They seriously RUINED their brand in my eyes with this change. I am actually for some reason insulted by what they put out this season. It looks cheap and generic, vs how their bags usually look. So now when I tell someone its Linea Pelle, where before Id talk about how you can get one in a different color on their site, now I have to follow it up with "but they don't make bags as nice as this anymore so see if you can find something similar elsewhere from a different brand."

    I asked them in November on their Facebook wall about this bag being in for Spring and they told me it would be. So I know people think I am overreacting but now I don't want to buy ANYTHING from them and I waited and held onto my money waiting for it, to pay for in full on their website, not go to a site like ebags or whatever. So instead of the $500 they might have gotten they won't get any this season. Ok I have to stop stewing about this.
  8. Just got an email back:
  9. ^^^ Hooray! Are you happy? Or is it too long to wait?
  10. I just ordered mine last night. I almost PM'ed you to see if you still had pics. ;)
    Honestly, I probably wouldn't have ordered it if I hadn't seen the awful bags that LP plans on releasing. I figured I better grab a DMT while I still can.
  11. Well, I am not thrilled to wait another 3 months (a total of 6!), but if it actually IS available and in that color, then yes Ill be pretty happy!
  12. Can I recant my "like" of the cross body? I'm not a fan of the zipper around the pocket.

  13. That's good to know it's coming and I hope the intel is correct! If I can find the conversation on Facebook I'll back you up because I'd love to see it make a return as well. :smile:
  14. I suppose so. Ill try not to hold that initial like against you lol
  15. Its on the pic that announces preorders