Spring Dream Bags

  1. Ever since they made the duffle with the pink signature and the silver vintage stripe ive wanted an item in pink signature so im hoping they will make one of those

    and also in another thread i saw a yellow leather bleeker and im hoping they come out with other yellow leather shapes (like a slim carly !!!)

    something silver would be good too

    and maybe some gold woven flats in an 8.5 because im sad that i cant find them so they should make more :sad:

    what are you hoping for this spring ? :tup:
  2. I would love love love pink signature.. like the bubble gum pink they had out a few years ago. Would also love purple, and light blue signature!
  3. the only thing i'm looking forward to is the green zebra stripe carryall. :drool:
    i'm gonna start looking for a white bag, too. haven't seen anything lately i've fallen for.
  4. Some pretty colored leather bags...pink, light green, purple...hopefully a nice spring or summer patchwork, too!
  5. From the "Resort" thread, all I want for spring is the white and brown leather sig Bleeker...:heart:
  6. The small LE PEONY tote... WON IT TODAY :wlae:
  7. I'm hoping for a bleecker duffle in rose! Yummy!
  8. I'm hoping for either a chocolate or black signature tote with a baby pink stripe! AAAHHHHHH!!!!! :smile:
  9. And I want that heritage stripe tote! in the green:drool: but i hope they make one in a smaller size......that large just looks too big!
  10. I want something in yellow. I'm really loving yellow.
  11. i hope we all get what we want :p

    yellow is my favorite color
    i have a lacoste terry large weekender tote
    but i really want a yellow leather bag
  12. There will be plenty of color in the spring! I've seen rose, yellow, blue, violet, green, and geranium.
  13. Wow that's very cool. How did you win one?:tup:
  14. Geranium:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Wooohooo!!! Can ya tell that I love that color!!!!!!! Maybe in a Legacy shoulder bag????

    Gotta start saving pennies now.....I mean quarters:p
  15. She was the winning bidder on eBay.