Spring colors--what is available?

  1. It seems that the only real options for light colors are white (which I have ruled out) and beige. I can't even seem to see much in navy. What do you girls carry in spring and summer?
  2. i don't even switch colors according to the seasons...but then again, i live in south florida. However, when in LA, which has much more of a New Yorkish vibe to it than So. Fla does, the more high class the bag (i.e., Chanel), the more women are likely to carry its pastel/light versions year round. How about coral, or lavendar, or yellow, or green, all of which Chanel is coming out with?? or that luscious denimey blue in the classic jumbo flap? (its called Dark Blue but is really a tealish denim blue)
  3. Wow! A lavendar and yellow caviar? That sounds amazing!
  4. yes...actually the lavendar is more of a plum in the caviar, but the Ultimate Soft will be a lavendar...the yellow is in the new line with the perforations, the zipper and flap in front, and the dangley small CC charm in silver...i dont know the name of this bag, its about $2,200, comes in 2 sizes, and is delicious. Also comes in royal blue
  5. I have a navy blue patent jumbo flap on hold right now and should decide by tomorrow, but will these colors be shown at the trunk show??
  6. I want to see this plum in caviar :love: :love: :love:
  7. is the plum/lavender the same as the purple classics I've seen before?